With The Pats Fading Fast Who Will Dominate The Next Decade

Michael AkelsonCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2010

   Picking up 3 Super Bowl Titles, an undefeated season and multiple offensice records its clear that the New England Patriots were the dominant team of the past decade. However after a blowout loss to the Ravens and two unsucsessful seasons it appears they're on their way out.

  So who will be the next dominant team? Will it be the Colts? The Jets? The Chargers?Well im going to break that down right now.

 The Case For:

The New Orleans Saints:

Well no question the offense is there. A 30 year old QB in his prime. Good Receivers and a good young running game. However I would have to make the case against the Saints because of a lack of defense and experience.

Baltimore Ravens:

They have a tough young QB in Joe Flacco who has shown very good potential at times. He's only getting better and could very well become a franchise QB. Also a good young FB, and very explosive HB in Ray Rice they have a chance, but they would need to get better receivers and a little bit younger on defense.

Atlanta Falcons

A team with a young franchise QB, a very strong young running back and a good young receiver. They are only getting better and could be the next dominant franchise. If they can get some more defenders in future drafts they are a very strong candidate.

Dallas Cowboys:

Maybe the most contraversial QB in the NFL if he can get it done they have young talent all around. America's Team could be winning some Super Bowls this decade if they can escape contraversery.

Green Bay Packers

They have a franchise QB who looks pretty good if he can have sucsess in the Playoffs. Not a great running game, but it doesnt hurt the team. Great Receivers and a pretty damb good TE. Some talent on Defense, but if they want to be the team of the decade they need a few more playmakers on defense. I think this team could be a force this decade.

Houstan Texans

If they could only make the playoffs. We would be able to tell how good they were. A QB who has been a stud when heathly, maybe the best WR in the NFL and some young studs on defense. If they can ever get into the playoffs maybe they could be a team to watch, but for now I cant call them the team of the decade until they show me a little more.

Indianapolis Colts

This team is the likley favorite to be the team of the decade. The best QB in football and studs to fill out the offense. However at age 33 Peyton Manning cant play forever and while they are still probably the favorites to dominate the decade. Dont be suprised if it doesnt happen.

Minnesotta Vikings

They are a team like the Cowboys. They have all the talent you could ever want. Theres only one problem: A 40 year old QB. They need to find a suitable replacement otherwise they wont win a Super Bowl in the decade.

New York Jets

This could be a team to watch. Two good young running backs and another whos still very good. Very good O-Line thats has 3 young players. Stud shutdown Corner and a good all around team. Whether or not they can do it depends on the arm of Mark Sanchez.

Philadelphia Eagles

They have two lightning fast young WR. An average defense that they need to improve. An aging HB on his way out and a QB who is up and down more then the stock market. The problem I see with the Eagles is that with all the contraversey they go through in a day they could go from McNabb to Kevin Kolb, and therefore I dont see them dominating this decade for more then a year or two if at all.

Pittsburgh Steelers

A QB who just finds ways to win. Some good young receivers and a good ypung Defense. Just a good overall franchise and I could see them being a team to be reckoned with in this decade.

San Diego Chargers

Phillip Rivers is the real deal and Vincent Jackson is a top 10 receiver. One of the all time great Tight Ends and a defense stacked with young talent. This team is one of the favorites to dominate the next decade.

Tennesse Titans

A QB that can do it all, we'll find out if he's for real next season, but they have the best RB in the NFL. However an aging defense will force them to look for some defense in future drafts. If they can reload their team on defense they could suprise people.

Arizona Cardianls

They have a 38 year old QB who is likley in his last season. They have a very explosive offense. They have some questions on defense and they have to decide if they think Matt Leintart is an NFL starter because if not they better get somebody before they waste one of the most talented WR's ever.

New York Giants

Super Bowl Champions just two years ago. The Giants have a very strong defense and one of the NFL's best O-Lines. They however have to decide if they are a running team or a passing team. Because if the answer to that is passing I dont think that they will be sucsessful in the future.

So those are just some of the candidates to dominate the next decade. It could be anybody so if I left your team off that doesnt mean they have no chance, but these are the teams that are more likely to dominate. Hey you never know maybe Peyton Manning will go down and Curtis Painter will be the next Tom Brady. Anything can happen and everything will happen.


Feel Free to get the debate going with comments of what team you think we'll dominate the decade. I look foward to hearing from you