Dan Snyder Gambles His Estate On Mike Shanahan

JW NixSenior Writer IIJanuary 6, 2010

It is a done deal!


Mike Shanahan was caught leaving a dinner with Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder and general manager Bruce Allen, with their families in tow, acting giddy and flashing smiles.


Shanahan has agreed to be the Redskins 28th head coach in their history, as well as being given the title Executive Vice President of Football Operations. There will be an official press conference later today.


He will be given $35 million over seven years by Washington, and is set to receive another $7 million for the Denver Broncos over the next two years to fulfill his previous contract with the team after he was fired almost a year ago.


Snyder, whose Six Flags Amusement Parks and Johnny Rocket restaurants have been failing miserably, has been rumored to be mortgaged to the hilt on the Redskins. His purported financial woes was seen in full view last summer at Redskins Park when the grass in front of the offices were a burnt brown from a lack of watering.


If Shanahan ends up being another of a long line of failed coaches under his regime, it could very well be his last hire and he may be forced to sell the team. A thought many Redskins fans would love to see.


Shanahan might be remembered best for his two Super Bowl wins as head coach with the Broncos, and another Super Bowl victory as offensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers. Fans may also recall his struggles as head coach of the Los Angeles Raiders.


It will be interesting to see the sweeping changes on both the roster and coaching staff over the next few months. It has been rumored that Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer will reunite with Shanahan and replace Greg Blache.


Kyle Shanahan, who has been the Houston Texans offensive coordinator the past two years and is the son of Mike Shanahan, has been hired as the Redskins in the same capacity.


Now is the time for Dan Snyder to sit back and not meddle with the team for once. This is a rebuilding process that will take some time, unless there is no salary cap for the league next year. He would best be served counting his remaining pennies and rubbing his rosary beads.