2009-10 NFL Playoff Rankings

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2009-10 NFL Playoff Rankings

Green Bay Packers v New Orleans Saints" src="http://www1.pictures.gi.zimbio.com/Green+Bay+Packers+v+New+Orleans+Saints+_J6RUVxVnp9l.jpg" id="currentPic" alt="Quarterback Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers celebrates after scoring a touchdown in the second quarter against the New Orleans Saints on November 24, 2009 at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.">

by John Gustafson, john@fantasylion.com

These rankings are for PPR leagues. The rankings are based on the number of games I think each guy will play. The number of projected games are in ( ).


  1. Aaron Rodgers, GB (4)- I’ll gladly take him with my #1 pick. Taking the Packers to make the Super Bowl is a bold move, but crazier things have happened. Just ask the 2007 New York Giants.
  2. Philip Rivers, SD (3)- The Chargers are my other Super Bowl pick and I expect the Chargers to get there on the shoulders of their offense, specifically, the passing game.
  3. Tom Brady, NE (3)- A bit of a riskier pick because the injury to Welker hurts, but the Patriots who have playoff experience could get hot and go on a run. If they do, Brady would be a great pick.
  4. Donovan McNabb, Phi (3)- After last week’s performance, the Eagles look like they may only last one game. I have a feeling they’re not dead yet. After all, they were my original pick to win the NFC.
  5. Drew Brees, NO (1)- If the Saints get the Cowboys again, they’ll play more than 1 game, but I have them getting the Eagles and losing. Brees is a safe play though if you disagree with my boldness.
  6. Peyton Manning, Ind (1)- The Colts may not get past the Patriots so Manning could be a little riskier than some think. For those picking Manning, they’d better hope the Ravens or Jets win next week. If they can, then Manning’s value would go up. I don’t think the Colts will beat the Chargers so that puts Manning’s max value at 2 games.
  7. Brent Farve, Min (1)- I have the Vikings playing the Packers and I don’t think the Vikings can beat the red hot Packers for a third time this season. If they can, then they’ll likely find themselves in the Super Bowl as they are capable of beating everyone else in the conference. Their slow finish concerns me though.
  8. Tony Romo, Dal (1)- The Cowboys, like the Packers, are peaking at the right time. They haven’t been a clutch team in the past, so I have a feeling they’ll blow it this week. If they can beat the Eagles again, then the Cowboys will take on the Vikings in Minnesota where they’ll most likely meet their fate.
  9. Kurt Warner, Ari (1)- The Cards aren’t getting a lot of love on my end but they did it last year. Can they do it again this year? I don’t think so, but you’ll likely be able to get Warner later than most of the other QBs and who knows, maybe last year’s Cinderella comes back with some vengeance this year.
  10. Carson Palmer, Cin (2)- I have the Bengals winning 2 games, but the first game vs the Jets probablly won’t yield Palmer a lot of stats and he’s one of the worst options for the first week. Plus, a win this week is not guaranteed so he may only play in 1 game. His limited upside has him here at the bottom.
  11. Joe Flacco, Bal (1)- Joe Cool 2 has a tough task ahead of him this week in NE. Should they be able to beat NE, their season will be over as the Ravens won’t be able to beat the Colts or the Chargers.
  12. Mark Sanchez, NYJ (1)- If the Jets are going to make any kind of playoff run, it won’t because of the rookie QB. The Jets will try to pound their way to some wins through the running game. If Sanchez doesn’t blow it vs the Bengals, he will in round 2.

Running Backs

  1. Adrian Peterson, Min (1)- All Day AP is the best back in the playoffs and the Vikings are capable of making a deep run. That potential makes it worth ranking him at #1.
  2. Ryan Grant, GB (4)- Not the most talented back, but should the Packers make it to the Super Bowl, Grant will see his usual 15+ touches per game making him a great back to have.
  3. LaDainian Tomlinson, SD (3)- LT isn’t the back he once was, but as my buddy Nick says, “he’s a touchdown whore” and with the Chargers likely to average about 20 points a game, LT should be good for around 15+ touches and a score each game.
  4. Cedric Benson, Cin (2)- I don’t have the Bengals going very deep, but 2 games is likely. Their offensive strategy will be to give the ball to Benson 20+ times making him a solid choice. If the Bengals can get past the Colts or Chargers, then Benson will be the steal of the draft.
  5. Fred Taylor, NE (3)- Taylor is the guy again in NE now that he’s healthy. Should the Pats make the run to the AFC Championship like I think they will, then it will be Taylor receiving a majority of the carries making him a nice sneaky pick.
  6. Joseph Addai, Ind (1)- He’s a great PPR back, but will he get more than 1 game? If he can then he’s probably worthy of a top 5 ranking, but I don’t think the Colts have more than 2 games in them.
  7. Ray Rice, Bal (1)- Rice will also likely play 1 game, but he’s going to be relied heavily upon in that game. If the Ravens can get past the Patriots it will be on the back of Rice.
  8. Thomas Jones, NYJ (1)- Similar to Rice, the Jets may not get more than one game, but if last week is any indication to what the Jets gameplan is going to be this week, Jones will be the key to the Jets offense. The Jets aren’t a sexy pick by any means but their first 2 games would come against 2 teams they beat this year (Bengals & Colts). Although both teams laid down for them, it may have given the Jets the confidence they’ll need and the chip on the shoulder to rally them to some close wins.
  9. Brian Westbrook, Phi (3)- He’s an injury away from being out again but if the Eagles play 3 games, that gives BWB a little more value than some of the better RBs. McCoy is also in the picture making Westbrook a risky pick.
  10. Darren Sproles, SD (3)- His role in the offense could go up in any given game and he was huge for them last year in the playoffs. Sproles’ high ranking is also due to the high number of games he’ll get to play.
  11. Marion Barber, Dal (1)- The Cowboys have a great chance to beat the Eagles this week and get a second game at Minnesota. Barber has played well lately so he’s not a terrible way to go.
  12. Pierre Thomas, NO (1)- The Saints have a tough road ahead of them and haven’t won since mid-December but if they could be good for 2. Thomas is their lead guy so he’d make a decent 2nd back option.
  13. Tim Hightower, Ari (1)- The Cards are likely to be in a shootout this week and Hightower is a great PPR option.
  14. Beanie Wells, Ari (1)- If the Cards beat the Packers it will likely be because Beanie had a good game. He’s an ok start this week. Should the Cards beat the Packers, they’d be in a decent position to make a run giving both Cards backs more value.
  15. Reggie Bush, NO (1)- He came on the 2nd half of the season and should get a fair number of looks in the postseason as well.
  16. Sammy Morris, NE (3)- He’s probably the #2 back in NE now and if Taylor gets hurt or if they split time, Morris could be a nice back for the later rounds.
  17. Felix Jones, Dal (1)- He looked great yesterday and should continue to see 10-15 touches.
  18. LeSean McCoy, Phi (3)- He’s such a wildcard now that Westbrook is back. I don’t really like him going forward because it’s hard to trust him, but the Eagles could still make a run at the NFC. You could do a lot worse this late.
  19. Kevin Faulk, NE (3)- Another guy who doesn’t really have a defined role, but has value because he could see increased action at any time and it’s not like the Pats backs are good at staying healthy.. or not fumbling.
  20. Donald Brown, Ind (1)- I’m not really wild about him. He’s more of a what if long shot. But I will say this, Joseph Addai had 10 catches in the Super Bowl his rookie year when the Colts won it in 2006. Brown could see the same role in this year’s playoffs.

Other what if long shots worth considering

  • Mike Bell, No
  • Chester Taylor, Min
  • Willis McGahee, Bal
  • Brandon Jackson, GB
  • Mike Tolbert, SD

Wide Receivers

  1. Randy Moss, NE (3)- With Welker out, he’ll be needed more than ever and he could come out with something to prove.
  2. Vincent Jackson, SD (3)- A little bit safer of a route than some of the other guys and he is definitely explosive.
  3. Greg Jennings, GB (4)- He came up big in the 2nd half of the year and the Packers O is clicking on all cylinders right now.
  4. Donald Driver, GB (4)- Fresh off a solid 2009 campaign, Driver is another guy I’d target and would be absolutely huge if the Packers made a Super Bowl run.
  5. DeSean Jackson, Phi (3)- There’s not a lot to say about him that hasn’t been said. Now he just needs his team to win. He might be a guy you can wait on as his stock will likely be down with all the love the Cowboys are getting right now.
  6. Miles Austin, Dal (1)- If Dallas makes a run, Austin will be huge.
  7. Reggie Wayne, Ind (1)- He’d be much higher and probably #1 if I had any faith in his team.. which I do not.
  8. Larry Fitzgerald, Ari (1)- Fitz made a name for himself in last year’s playoffs, he might be able to do it again. You’ll get at least 1 solid game out of him though.
  9. Julian Edelman, NE (3)- He had 10 catches last week in Welker’s absence and I have them playing in 3 games. He could be the biggest sleeper at the WR position this playoff season.
  10. Sidney Rice, Min (1)- If they get Dallas, they could win and see more than one game making Rice a decent #2 option.
  11. Marques Colston, NO (1)- If I had more faith in them, he’d be higher. At least he’s the #1 on a great offense. Like Rice, his value goes up should they get a second game. Also a good #2 option.
  12. Chad OchoCinco, Cin (2)- He’ll draw Revis this week and so even though I have the Bengals playing in 2 games, he’ll only really be useful in one of them.
  13. Malcolm Floyd, SD (3)- He had a great game this week and showed that he can get it done if needed. He’s a big play threat and will be a guy you can stash for the first 2 weeks then capitalize on for the last 2.
  14. Jeremy Maclin, Phi (3)- Another guy that you can get late that might come up big for you in the 2nd round and NFC Championship.
  15. Robert Meachem, NO (1)- I’d start him in week 2 so he’d be a good guy to grab late and pair with a WR you’re not confident will make it out of round 1.
  16. Pierre Garcon, Ind (1)- I’d put him in the same boat as Meachem, grab him then stash for the 2nd round.
  17. Percy Harvin, Min (1)- The guy is a game changer and someone I’d like on my team if I’m wrong about the Vikings’ chances.
  18. Anquan Boldin, Ari (1)- He’s banged up and they probably don’t have a chance for more than 1 game.
  19. Derrick Mason, Bal (1)- He’s a guy I’ve never been too high on, but they don’t have much in the passing game. Maybe they can get to a game with the Colts?
  20. Braylon Edwards, NYJ (1)- The guy is a dog but I’m not convinced the Bengals can beat the Jets. If the Jets win, Edwards value goes up just because of that extra game.
  21. Austin Collie, Ind (1)- His value is dependent on making it to the AFC Championship as you likely wouldn’t use him in the 2nd round.
  22. James Jones, GB (4)- He’s good for a few catches each game and could come up with a big play any given week.
  23. Lance Moore, NO (1)- He needs to get healthy. A good stash and hope guy.
  24. Jason Avant, Phi (3)- He made some noise this year and has a good chance to play in more games than some of these other guys.
  25. Legedu Nannee, SD (3)- This is purely a Super Bowl play. If you agree with me that the Chargers are going to the Super Bowl then pick him up very late. If you disagree then avoid him.

Other what if long shots worth considering

  • Bernard Berrian, Min
  • Devery Henderson, NO
  • Steve Breaston, Ari
  • Patrick Crayton, Dal
  • Roy Williams, Dal
  • Andre Caldwell, Cin
  • Laveranues Coles, Cin
  • Sam Aiken, NE
  • Jordy Nelson, GB

Antonio Gates #85 of the San Diego Chargers catches a pass in front of Ray Lewis #52 of the Baltimore Ravens in the first half at Qualcomm Stadium on September 20, 2009 in San Diego, California. The Ravens defeated the Chargers 31-26.

Tight Ends

  1. Antonio Gates, SD (3)- The guy is a beast and the Chargers are going to the Super Bowl so he’s an easy pick.
  2. Jermichael Finley, GB (4)- He’s a guy who you can probably get pretty late and pair with a guy like Dallas Clark or Jason Witten.
  3. Brent Celek, Phi (3)- He’s a big part of their offense and he’s a good bet to score each week. Just hope they can beat Dallas.
  4. Jason Witten, Dal (1)- The Cowboys are capable of a run and outside of scoring 2 TDs all season long, Witten had a great season.
  5. Dallas Clark, Ind (1)- Like Reggie Wayne, my confidence in his team hurts his value in my rankings. He’s obviously a beast.
  6. Ben Watson, NE (3)- He’s not the best option at TE, but he could see the 2nd most games.
  7. Jeremy Shockey, NO (1)- He was up and down this year, but he has playoff experience.
  8. Visanthe Shiancoe, Min (1)- Farve’s boy in the red zone. Good week 2 start.
  9. Todd Heap, Bal (1)- He scored 2 TDs two weeks ago, then had 2 catches total last week. That’s about what you can expect from Heap… inconsistency.
  10. Dustin Keller, NYJ (1)- He’s been Sanchez’s favorite target and it’s not a stretch to think they play 2 games.

Other what if long shots worth considering

  • JP Foschi, Cin
  • Ben Patrick, Ari
  • David Thomas, NO
  • Spencer Havner, GB
  • Martellus Bennett, Dal

Good luck and tweet me if you have any questions!

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