Week 17 NFL Predictions

Sam Richman Contributor IJanuary 3, 2010

Well, here it is. We have finally reached the final week of the NFL season. While all of the playoff spots have been decided in the NFC, the Eagles, Cardinals, Vikings, and Cowboys all have dreams of snatching the crucial first round bye. For the Eagles, it is simple win and they lock up the two seed. The Vikings, Cowboys, and Cardinals each need help if they want to lock up the two spot. In the AFC, it very different. Coming into this final set of games there are still seven different teams that can possibly snag a wildcard spot. Right now the Jets and Ravens are in position to lock up the final two spots. The Ravens face the Raiders, as the Jets square off against the Bengals who will most likely be resting their starters. Like usual this should be a very entertaining week.

Colts 17 @ Bills 27
The Colts will certainly be resting their starters, giving the Bills a very strong chance to win. The win could hurt the Bills draft position drastically though.

Saints 14 @ Panthers 28
The Saints have everything wrapped up and will be resting all of their starters. On the other hand, since Jake Delhomme was put on IR, Matt Moore has led the Panthers to two huge wins. With the Panthers playing so well as of late, and Mark Brunell starting his first game in years for the Saints, this should be the Panthers game to lose.

Jaguars 24 @ Browns 17
Although Jerome Harrison and the Browns have been playing well as of late, this is an absolute must win situation for the Jaguars. Even though a win in this game may mean nothing for the Jags, they will not let this game slip away from them.

Patriots 14 @ Texans 21
The Patriots have their playoff spot locked up; however, they may be playing for the 3 seed. There is a good chance we will only see Brady and the rest of the starters for 2 quarters. I see the Texans winning this must win to complete their most successful season.

Giants 21 @ Vikings 31
The Giants have been eliminated and do not have anything left to play for. They have also placed Brandon Jacobs on IR, and have simply not been playing well. The Vikings on the other hand need to win this game in order to have a chance at the number 2 seed in the NFC.

49ers 24 @ Rams 13
This game means nothing but draft position for either team, but Mike Singletary always has his team playing hard. I expect the 49ers to win simply because the Rams are the worst team in the league.

Falcons 24 @ Buccaneers 21
The Buccaneers have been playing very hard for Raheem Morris as of late. The players seem to be trying to save their coach's job, but the Falcons are looking to have their first back to back winning season. I see the Falcons getting to 9-7 to lock up another winning year.

Steelers 27 @ Dolphins 21
This is one of the biggest games of the weekend. Both teams still have at least an outside chance at getting a wildcard spot. Both teams need to win if they want to have a chance of reaching the playoffs. I am picking the Steelers simply because of their big game experience. This team has needed to win a few big games in a row to be in the position they are in now. If the Steelers sneak in expect them to be very dangerous.

Bears 21 @ Lions 17
Another meaningless game, but the Bears are coming off a big win and are simply the better team.

Eagles 27 @ Cowboys 24
This is undoubtedly the biggest game in the NFC this weekend. A classic division match-up for the NFC East crown. If the Eagles win, they lock up the number two seed on the NFC, but if the Cowboys win they win the division. Though both teams are already in the playoffs, this will be a huge game for both teams. Even though the Cowboys have won two huge December games, the Eagles have won six straight games and look very good. I am picking the Eagles, because I see Desean Jackson having a huge game.

Chiefs 14 @ Broncos 22
For the second year in a row the Broncos have seemed to struggle late in the year. They have yet again made it difficult on themselves to make the playoffs; however, they still have a shot. Although Marshall and Scheffler will be benched by the Broncos, I still expect them to win this must win game.

Ravens 27 @ Raiders 14
The Raiders have beaten their fair share of good teams at home this year, but the Ravens need to win this one to make the playoffs. The Ravens will surely be up for this game, and I do not see Ray Lewis and Ed Reed letting their team miss out on this opportunity. Derrick Mason dropped a key pass in last week's game, and I see him making up for his previous mistakes in this one.

Titans 31 @ Seahawks 10
Simply put, the Seahawks may be the worst team in the league. You can expect the Titans to feed Chris Johnson the rock as he tries to complete the 2000 yard season. I see the Titans winning and Johnson having a huge day (200 yards).

Redskins 7 @ Chargers 10
San Diego has the two seed locked up and will most likely be resting their starters. I still see the Redskins losing, simply because they have not been able to score. The Chargers can extend their winning streak to 11 games and their December winning streak to 19 games.

Packers 10 @ Arizona 24
This may be a possible playoff preview. I don't expect the Packers to start their starters simply because they can not move up to a higher playoff seed. The Cardinals on the other hand have a chance at the number 2 seed, so their starters should be present.

Bengals 17 @ Jets 24
The final game at the Meadowlands, the playoffs on the line, and the Bengals possibly sitting their starters these are all reasons why I see the Jets winning this one. Chad Ochocinco promises a nice celebration if he scores, which I look forward to seeing.