How Does an Oakland Raiders Fan Enjoy the NFL Playoffs?

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How Does an Oakland Raiders Fan Enjoy the NFL Playoffs?
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I've been a Raiders fan for close to 33 years now. I didn't mean for it to happen. It just kind of turned out that way.

Jack Tatum hit Sammy White over the middle. Sammy went one way, his helmet went the other and an impressionable 7-year-old had his team.

Most of my life it's been pretty cool to be a Raiders fan. Three Super Bowl wins in my lifetime and I say lifetime because that's important. In other words I'm saying any Chiefs fan born two months after me can't say that! So eat it, Josh! Sorry, couldn't resist!

Lately, however, times have been tough on the silver and black faithful, such as myself. So I've come up with a way other than betting the mortgage on how to enjoy the playoffs.

You adopt a team based on certain criteria to have a fling with in the postseason. It's kind of like if your wife or girlfriend gave you a pass. You can't go all Tiger Woods and do them all, but for this short period of time you're allowed one pass.

Here are the criteria for Raiders fans—at least this Raiders fan:

1. Just like it can't be someone your significant other hates it can't be a team no Raiders fan can possibly cheer for. This eliminates the Chargers (even though all the Colts fans here in Indiana make me want to!) Broncos, Steelers, Cowboys, Jets, and Patriots. It also can't be someone everyone around you thinks is so awesome, bye, bye Colts!

2. It can't feel forced or overhyped, see ya Brett Favre and the Vikings, or to mushy and feel good(we are Raiders fans after all) so sorry Drew Brees and the Saints!

3. I'd prefer it to be a team we've beaten or a team one of your good drinking buddies loyally roots for. So long Kurt Warner and the Cards. See ya Ravens whether you beat us or not!

4 That leaves the Bengals, Eagles and the Packers. We've beaten the first two and my buddy Stan the Packer fan would be my best drinking buddy. He even wore a Raiders jersey during their bye week and does a shot every time we score, so the Pack stays on the list!

5. A good connection to some of the Raiders better days! Bye Bengals!

So that leaves the Eagles because we did beat them in a Super Bowl and those were definitely better days or the Packers and Mr Charles Woodson!

In the end my buddy Stan's devotion to his team and to not bashing ours and the fact that Woodson was the Raider who got "tucked" more than any in New England makes the Packers my fling for this playoff season!

I know we lost Super Bowl II to them, but not in my lifetime! So enjoy the playoffs and know that we'll be there next year and let me know if you'll be having any playoff flings this year!

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