The Year Has Long Been Over Heres a Look at 2010

Adrian EspinozaContributor IDecember 28, 2009

CLEVELAND - DECEMBER 27:  Zach Miller #80 of the Oakland Raiders runs by Hank Poteat #23 and Kamerion Wimbley #95 of the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium on December 27, 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)
Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

Let me get one thing straight. All the suggestions i make in this article wont mean a damn thing unless Al Davis changes his ways. Even Daniel Snyder in Washington has realized his way hasnt worked and is giving up a lot of his control in the team. So once again unless Al see's the light this article along with a lot of other's written on this site  about change for next year mean zero unless he changes.

A GM is badly needed. I dont know how many NFL team's in the history of the NFL have gone through a season with no GM, not to mention a team who's owner is 80 plus years old and is not his former self. Al Davis may not be senile as some call him but one thing I can tell you for sure at his age there is no way he can handle the grind of being owner and GM there is just to many thing's to get done and keep track of.

Another spot that need's feeling is the offensive cordiantor. Once again I can bet that  very few team's in the entire history of the NFL have gone a whole season without a offensive cordinator. Tom Cable is obviously not qualified to run a NFL offense, case in point calling 4 straight passes this past sunday on the goalline when you have a huge running back in Bush.

As for the defensive side of the ball, Marshall can call a good game when he is allowed to. I think he should stay only if he is allowed to use his players the way he want's to. The game against the Eagles the defense was fun to watch with players running around and being on the attack. With the man to man that has been here forever the defense sits back is mostly playing defensive. The Raiders at this point dont have the talent to run a man to man defense.

Now for the coach. Truly would another coach fix the Raiders problems? Im all for the Raiders bringing in a coach in the caliber of a Bill Cowher or Parcells but if there is none that want to come here who would you say can do a better job then Cable? Now I have said this more then once on here but as for motivation I think Cable is a damn good coach. As for the X's and O's that's where Cable need's help.

Special team is a area that can imporve. The kicker's both Shane and Seabass are two of the best in the league. The return game is need of help. I cant remember a player getting a huge kickoff return this season. Also punt returns have not provided a spark. In a couple of games the coverage on kickoff's had been horrible.

Beside's the game this week against the Raven's the only thing we as Raider fan's have to look forward in the next couple of months  is free agency and the draft, not to mention watching Namdi and Shane in the Pro Bowl. Will Al seeing that the team has a lot of holes spend money freely or try to build in the draft ? Well before free agency or the draft we need to take care of our own.

Throw the bank At Zach Miller. He is by far the MVP on offense and is on the verge of being a household name. Sign up both Morrison and Howard. Morrison has been a tackling machine again this year and Howard has put in another solid season. Maybe with a signing of another good linebacker the Raider could run a 3-4 with Morrison, Howard, Scott and whoever they bring in. Gradkowski need's to be brought back. The player's play for him and he has that "IT" factor. He's a leader that has bounced around from team to team and now found a home.Would like to see Seymour brought back but not a crazy contract like Tommy Kelly's. I cant think of any other player's who's contract is running out and need's to be brought back.

A few player's that need to go or role reduced are as follows. Number one on the list is Jamarcus. Some say he only has been the starter here 2 season's how can you give up on him? Well for one the guy has not shown flashes of promise. He has little to no pcoket presence. He is not afraid to throw teammates under the bus. Instead of owning up to his bad play he makes excuse for it. All of these facotr's are reason's I think he should be cut. Also he had the ball's to say he would not redo his contract. If the CBA does not get signed he should be first cut. Gerrad Warren should not start alongside Kelly. He is up there in age and is undersized just like Kelly. He would be a good backup, should he not accept that cut him. Cornell Green and Cooper Carlisle are both on the chopping block. Javon Walker has sat long enough on the bench just let the man be free.

Position's we need help. CB- No QB  against the Raider's this year had attacked Namdi consitently. Chris Johnson on the other side has gotten burned numerous time's this year. Offensive line- Outside of Gallery and Henderson every other positon on the line could be replaced by someone new. I say get a good center first at least on side of the line from center to Gallery then to Henderson would be  strong. DT- Both Kelly and Warren are undersized. Dont know if we have a shot at Ndamukong Suh but if we do snacth him up with a quickness. By far one of the biggest need's on this team. Have not been able to stop the run for year's. Now there are other hole's on this team but these are the position's we need the most help in.

So here's to good signings in free agency and a great draft. The year 2010 can be a huge step in the right direction or a giant step back. Al please see the light.