What Happened When Russell Came In The Game,play By Play

Randy LavelleCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2009

Frye had managed the game clock,completing passes to the receivers,and moving the ball.He had the offense moving much of the game until he got hit by Davis in the chest and going down hard with his head hitting the turf.

I was preying he was ok with the trainers on the field.The trainers took there sweet time hoping Frye was better than he looked,not the case.

I thought to myself,No,not again,not another replay of the Washington game!

Here comes JaMarcus Russell on to the field.I was honestly hoping Frye will be back in and JR could hand off for at least 1 play.Wishful thinking.

JR hands off to Bush and the Raiders are called for Illegal Procedure on Schilens.

JR hands off again for a gain of only 2 yards.

Camera pans to Frye on the bench doing a concussion test.It doesn't look good for Frye!

JR under center and calls a Time Out.Walks to the sidelines to talk with Bruce,assuming he didn't like the defensive look.

JR in shotgun, attempts a pass to Murphy and throws it way too short.Murphy gets up and spikes the ball for a personal Foul.Raiders kick with Shane kicking it to the 5 yard line with only a 2 yard return,Nice kick!

Ball on the 7 yard line and the defense has to stop this drive.

Mereno gets a 1st down and next play D stops Lamont Jordan for a 3 yard loss.

It's the 2th quarter with 8:19 left to play

Marshall gets a big 1st down all the way too the 2 yard line.Tackle by Routt.

1st and goal,Orton under center,back to pass with Orton throwing it away,good coverage by the Raiders.

2nd and goal and the refs call Time out

The refs and Brandon Marshall point to the stands,looking for someone with a laser pointer?!?Now Bronco players are blaming Raider fans for there short comings! Ridiculous!

2nd and goal again with the Raiders stopping the run

3rd and goal with Thomas Howard defending a pass and Tommy Kelley losing his pants!LMAO!I think he was mooning the Denver fans with that goal line stop.Priceless!

Field Goal Denver with the Raiders Defense making a statement.Fight ensues after FG,no penalty.

Denver kicks to Gary Russell and returns to the 20 yard line.

The Raiders get the ball with 5:54 left in the 4th quarter.

Hand off to Bush for 4 yards.

Russell completes a pass to Schilens for 8 yards.3rd and 2 to go.

Russell back to pass,throws a catch-able screen to Bush,but drops it.The Raiders punt.

Ball in Denver's 26 with 3:59 left in the game.

Denver runs and gets stuffed for no gain.Raiders call a Time out.

2 and 10 yards to go at the 24.

Orton gets sacked by Ellis and Scott for a 12 yard loss!

3rd and 19 with an attempted pass incomplete with Seymour pressuring Orton.

Denver punts to Higgins returning to the 38 yard line.

JaMarcus Russell comes back in under shotgun.Attempts pass with a penalty(pass interference)by Denver.1st down!

1st and 10 at the 44 yard line

Russell back to pass with pressure and gets arm hit in passing motion,took way too long to pass and stared down his receiver.

2 and 10 with Russell back to pass,getting hammered with a helmet to the ribs,Russell looks hurt.

Loseman enters the game and 2 QB's hurt.3rd and 10

Loseman back to pass,also gets hit in motion for an Incomplete pass.

4th and 10 yards and Russell comes back in.

Russell shows toughness and his competitiveness by coming back in.

Russell back to pass completing to Stewart for a very important 1st down!

2 minute warning.

Ball at the 33 yard line.

2nd and 1 with Russell in shotgun completing a pass to Schilens at the 10 yard line.

1st and 10 with 59 seconds left in the game and no time outs!

Russell in the shot gun attempts a pass to Higgins,throws behind him. Incomplete.

2nd and goal

Russell back to pass with good scrambling ability completes the pass, penalty by Denver!Illegal Contact for a 1st down Raiders.

30 seconds left and 1st and 10!

Russell can do it!Come on Russell!

Russell takes the snap with a false start by Green.

Russell back to pass,incomplete with a clear holding by the Denver Db's not called.

2nd and goal with Russell back to pass,passes to Schilens for a touchdown...Raiders!

35 seconds left.

Kick by Sebass with Mike Mitchell getting a great hit/stop on Special Teams.

Defense sacks Orton and forces a fumble with Denver recovering.

2 and 17 with 23 seconds left to play at the 19 yard line.

Orton back to pass again,Incomplete

3rd and 17 with 19 seconds left to play.Pass incomplete with Morrison om the coverage and huff making a nice hit causing the in-completion.

4th and 17 with 13 seconds left.

Denver completes the pass only to have the time run out.

We win!

There you have it,play by play after Frye gets knocked out of the game.

Does Russell deserve to be the starter?Not yet(IMO),but does deserve the credit for pulling out the win.Let's not forget that Frye managed a really good game and kept it close for Russell to take over.

Russell showed toughness and a desire to never give up,KUDOS Russell!

Now go back to work.

Work on the footwork passing,work on throwing on the run,work on reading defenses without calling time outs and wondering what to do,work on what Rich Gannon told you that you needed to perfect  your play and you my man,will be on your way to be the franchise Quarterback we all want you to be.














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