Oakland Raiders-More Than Meets The Eye

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Oakland Raiders-More Than Meets The Eye
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Oakland Raiders-Terrible,bad,horrible,loss,no skill. Those are some words that are often associated with The Oakland Raiders. They are 5-9. 4 of those 5 wins are confusing and dont make sense to me. The 5 wins they have come from a 27-24 win vs The Steelers, 20-19 victory vs The Broncos, 13-9 win vs The Eagles, and 20-17 vs The Bengals. They also had a ugly win vs the Chiefs. So The Raiders have beaten 4 possible playoff teams, including the super bowl champs.

So if the Raiders can beat those taems why cant they beat the Chiefs twice or the Redskins. They have lost to The Chiefs and the Redskins, along with The Jets and Texans. All those games The Raiders should have won. If they beat the other teams why not the .500 and sub .500 teams. 

If your argument is "oh those teams had a off day or they beat themselves" Flukes dont happen 4 times. Oh sure they have won in walk off fashion and only by a few points but a win is a win. They have done them with below average QB. So it makes me wonder what they could achieve if they had a Aaron Rodgers or Phillip Rivers caliber QB. Bills, Bears, and Seahawks all of those teams have 5-9 records, but you dont see them being bagged on and put donw by announcers and Tv personalities. Some people like to jump on teams that have a history of being good (Yankees, Lakers, and Cowboys) As soon as these teams splunder or make a mistake people jump all over them. In my opinion people enjoy being "Raider haters". Half the teams in the NFL dont even have as many Super Bowl wins or wins period. So that leads me back to my title 'Is there more than meets the eye". I think the Raiders are on the right track. So give me your two cents. Thanks!

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Oakland Raiders

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