Raiders Look Fore Skins To Shrivel in Oakland

Barnavicious XCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2009

I interviewed the the gentleman in the photo about the upcoming game in Oakland. When asked if he thought it would be a closely contested battle he had this to say;"It'll be a good game, but I'm for Skins, the weather should be bris which doesn't favor the Skins, but in the end, I think they'll pull it off." I told him he was an idiot and went on my merry way. 

I got home after the interview just in time to catch the Steelers on Thursday night football; I wish I hadn't.

You see,  I've spent the week blissfully ignoring the nay sayers. Soaking in every warm and fuzzy minute of Sunday's 4th quarter victory. I wasn't yet ready to face reality.

As the Flush It Downs closed out their victory this evening, my parade was officially peed upon. 

The good news?  I didn't shave my head, wax my eyebrows and get a "5" tattooed on my buttock. Unfortunately, I am now speaking in cliché. So, I'll just take this article one sentence at a time, not get ahead of my self, really focus and play all 60 minutes. 

There was only one thing that could cheer me up and I nearly forgot about it. 

RANDY HANSON IS BACK BITCHES! This guy is truly awesome and exactly what the Raiders need to parlay this excitement into another win. The timing couldn't be better.

Welcome back Randy! I know you'll be a great scout, tell Carlos Dunlap and his attorney/agent I said hi and looking forward to seeing him in Silver and Black. Did Usain ever call back?

With a heavy heart we'll proceed to the Q & A.

What are you most looking forward in the game?

Easy one, Dirty Murph vs. DeAngelo Hall. I think I just peed a little. 

DHB? Crabtree? Who needs 'em. Murph has double their combined TD production and 2 game winning catches in 3 weeks. 

Were the Raiders that good or was Pittsburgh that bad?

We played some pretty crappy teams the last couple years but never managed to put up 300 yards passing let alone 3 TDs in the 4th quarter. The Steelers were bad but I definitely think progress was made.

Are the Redskins better than their record?

Sure, so are the Lions, Bucs and Browns and did you hear? We're gonna see a new JaMarcus Russell next year. 

What's the key for the Raiders in this game?

Run the ball, Run the ball, Run the ball... play action. This is what our team and offense is built to do. Get Schillens and Murph matched up against "Baby D" as often as possible. Big time Height, Weight advantage. 

What's going to happen to Gradkowski at the end of the year?

Gradkowski will have to be damn near perfect to get a contract out of Al. 8-8 will probably do it.

Predictions for the game?

Zach Miller and Justin Fargas will have big days. With attention now on the receivers and Gradkowski, Miller and Fargas slip under the radar for big games. 

McFadden will remind us why Al drafted him with a couple big plays. 

Defense gives up only one big play and forces 3 turnovers. 

Dirty Murph changes Baby D's diaper at midfield. 

Will Cable be our coach next year?

Not that I wouldn't like to see Cable stick around, no. The Hanson move as good as gave Cable his walking papers. Finishing 8-8 like Grad is the only hope. I think Al's already out there; I'm hearing more and more about Trestman. 

Was Gradkowski's performance overrated?

Phillip Rivers has made a career out of jump balls and screen passes. River's continually benefits from tall sure-handed receivers and YAC plays. Why not Bruce?

Bruce is what we need right now, a leader. He got a W for the team and players rallied around him.

Bruce, my sincerest apology for comparing you to Quivers. It wont happen again nobody deserves that.


I think this will be the most telling game of the year with regards to the Raiders turnaround. If the Raider's lose to another struggling franchise, lots of heads roll in January and we probably finish 5-11. 

"I see your Schwartz is as big as mine..."

-Dark Helmet