Round 2? Randy Hanson Inexplicably Back with Oakland Raiders

Justin Smith@smittstylesCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - 2009:  Randy Hanson of the Oakland Raiders poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Oakland, California.  (Photo by NFL Photos)
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After generating some good will amongst a frustrated and rightfully fed up fan base by winning a huge game in Pittsburgh last weekend, the Oakland Raiders have once again taken steps to ensure they continue to alienate Raider lovers both within and outside the organization.

They have brought back Randy Hanson. You may remember Randy Hanson from such films as "I Ran My Mouth and Got it Broken" and "Give Me What I Want or I'll Lie to the Cops."

The firestorm of the Cable-Hanson assault was over. Even Cable's domestic dispute allegations, for which he was taken to task severely by many pundits and humanitarian organizations, have faded into background noise and seemingly lost their legs.

The Raiders, playing better football the last three weeks than they have in a long time, were free of controversy and ready to focus on continuing to play good football. Raider Nation, juiced by a new QB and the team's renewed passion for football, was excited. 

But this is the Oakland Raiders, and a day without drama is no day at all.

This move has Al Davis written all over it. Davis, not content to simply pay Hanson to leave the team alone, will once again go to extreme lengths to make sure he doesn't get nothing for something.

When asked if he knew that Hanson, the man who accused him of assault and then cooperated with police and the Napa DA during the investigation, was back in the Raider fold, Cable was genuinely surprised.

He gave the standard "we're concentrating on Washington right now" spiel, but how could this not stick in his craw?

This is the man who dragged Cable's name through the mud for months, and sparked women to come forward to openly accus e Cable of further assaults and beg the question "Does the man have an anger management problem?"

And now, without even being told about it, this weasel is back in Cable's personal space?

Maybe this is an Al Davis F-U to the fanbase for calling him out on the billboard on I-880. Maybe it's simply Al wanting to get his money's worth. Maybe it's because Hanson is a self-proclaimed Raider lover. Who knows really what factors into this decision, or many of Al Davis' decisions?

All I know is that I don't like it. I don't like the timing of it due to the rare excitement being felt regarding the Raiders that is now being overshadowed with this garbage.

I don't like the fact that Hanson was allowed to hold the organization hostage, try to extort money and a better job in exchange for his silence, and then obviously fabricated parts of his story for his interview with Michael Silver on Yahoo! Sports.

I definitely don't like the fact that he's gotten away with all of that and still has a job with our beloved Raiders.

While it's in character for Al to do things differently and to make sure that anyone who gets paid earns their money or else he won't pay them (see Kiffin, Lance), it is NOT in his character to allow someone from the organization to:

a) Expose the team's dirty laundry in public, with some of the "facts" not being true

b) Embarass the Raiders in public

c) Try to extort the Raiders and Davis for their silence

d) Look like he just got off a nine-day heroin bender and have his team photo taken

And not have the guy run out of town on a rail or possibly killed in some clandestine ceremony at the Coliseum involving Jack Tatum and Kenny Stabler. 

I just don't get this. What good does bringing Hanson back do for this team? None. But the potential negative impact is huge.

Fans, already on the brink of a total revolt, could take it as the last straw.

Cable could become distracted again and erase the goodwill he's engendered by actually calling a decent game or two recently.

Players could take it as a sign that management does not support their coach.

But Al Davis can take it as a sign that he's still in control and he'll do whatever he damned well pleases, billboard be damned, thank you very much.

Al Davis it's time to stop being so damned selfish and remember who butters your bread. The billboard wasn't enough to let you know we are dissatisfied, so you had to pull this out of your hat?

This will not make Raider Nation happy. The potential fallout from a move like this, a slap in the face to Cable, the organization as a whole, and the fans, could be devastating.

Of course, it could also be benign. Maybe I'm reading too much into this. Maybe I'm more upset about it than others; maybe Cable doesn't care, the rest of Raider Nation doesn't care.

Maybe nobody cares that this guy basically crapped all over the team, tried to divide it from the inside for selfish reasons, and now has strolled back onto the scout team as if nothing happened.

Yeah. And maybe I'm frickin' Santa Claus.


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