Fantasy Depth Chart's Week 13 Sits & Starts (WRs & TEs)

FantasyDCCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2009

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Chad OchoCinco vs Detroit Lions

Not like you could sit him anyways. He could have a huge day. Think Donald Driver last week type huge just with an extra TD.


Pierre Garcon vs Tennessee Titans

This guy has been kinda iffy this year. But with Reggie Wayne drawing Finnegan’s coverage, Garcon should have around 50 yards and a TD. With potential for more receptions, target Garcon as a great WR3.


Mike Wallace vs Oakland Raiders

I tend to pimp him out from time to time. This week, the Raiders secondary should handle Holmes. Look for Wallace to carry the Steelers with some deep balls.


Malcolm Floyd @ San Diego

The Browns should get lit up. If there is enough to go around (aka Vincent Jackson shares), Floyd could be in for a huge half of fantasy production.



Antonio Bryant @ Carolina Panthers

Much like his QB counterpart, Bryant has show some signs of fantasy life in the last couple weeks. This week, however, will be a let down. Look for Bryant to help close out the season but not this week.


Miles Austin @ New York Giants

 Austin and his QB Tony Romo could also face some heavy pressure this week. Romo could still have a good day if Witten, Williams and Crayton come up big. But the one   Cowboy to struggle will be Austin. The guy is super talented, but I expect the Giants to lock him down at the expense of letting others move the ball downfield.


Chris Chambers vs Denver Broncos

The veteran has been playing good. But so have the Broncos on the defensive side of the ball. I expect KC to struggle throughout the entire game. Chambers should be listed ranked lower in PPR leagues but is still the best bet for a Chiefs receiving TD.


Donnie Avery @ Chicago Bears

The little guy has had some good games lately. But the Bears pass defense is better then they are given credit for and I expect Avery to struggle again a full day of Cover 2.



Tony Gonzalez vs Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles give up more points to TEs then any other NFL team. Look for Chris Redman to take advantage of a make shift LB crew and find Tony G all day long.


Jason Witten @ New York Giants

The Giants have failed to produce a good enough pass rush to compensate for their poor secondary. As such, they’ve had to let the big blocking/receivers do damage in the middle of the field. Miles Austin will take defensive priority and allow Witten to have one of his best games of the season.


Brent Celek @ Atlanta Falcons

Hate to dip from the same game for the same position, but this one is crucial. Picking TEs to encourage as starts is rough because I’m really only trying to name guys I believe will be in the top five. That said, Celek should have a field day against Atlanta who like the Eagles and Giants have given up plenty of plays to TEs.



Heath Miller vs Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are somehow not given lots of points to TE. Maybe its because you can run on them? I think its because they blitz a lot to make up for poor defense. Look for the Steelers to play conservative and keep Miller in to block for Big Ben.


Jeremy Shockey vs Washington Redskins

The big burly TE has had his ups and downs this season. In the midst of a huge Brees performance last week, Shockey went basically unnoticed. This week the Saints will need to keep Shockey in to block a talent Redskins DL.


John Carlson vs San Francisco 49ers

Carlson has been spotty at best. Leave him on the bench or waiver wire this week against the 49ers.