Fantasy Depth Chart's Week 13 Sits & Starts (RBs & QBs)

FantasyDCCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2009

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School is almost done. Until then, I can do nothing but throw out names to you for this week.



Jonathan Stewart vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Carolina duo can’t be sat on most weeks. This week is no exception. Going against a very weak defense, consider both RBs lower RB1 type players.


Matt Forte vs. St Louis Rams

Sooner or later he’d end up on this side of the list again, right? Well its about that time for Forte to show us what he could do behind a real offensive line. The Rams are BAD against the run. Forte owner’s enjoy the week.


LeSean McCoy at Atlanta Falcons

If McCoy again sees the lion’s share of the carries, he should improve upon his 4.5 YPC (for at least the first half) that he posted last week against the Redskins. The Falcons defense is on par with the Redskins in terms of rushing defense, but the Falcons could also find themselves behind where as the Redskins kept thing reasonably close.



Justin Fargas at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are still playing great run defense. Fargas and the Raiders could keep this close with a strong rushing attack so expect the carries but not the yardage associated with RB2 type numbers.


Laurence Maroney at Miami Dolphins

The Patriots passing attack was just embarrassed on national television. Of course they were as embarrassed as the passing defense, but that doesn’t really matter. The Patriots will look to get their big names clicking again and making headlines. Maroney should suffer from a lack of looks and an above average rushing defense.


Jamal Charles vs Denver Broncos

The Broncos running defense is better then its given credit. RBs have need many carries to post the numbers that have been posted against the Broncos. Jamal Charles will need a lot of looks this weeks if he wants to put up middle tier RB2 type numbers. However. in PPR, he is almost a must start with huge pass receiving upside.




Matt Hasselback vs. San Francisco 49ers

With injured RBs littering the past few weeks, the Seahawks go up against a formidable run defense in the 49ers. I expect the Seahawks to place the game in Hasselback’s hands and hope they can keep him on his feet. If they can, expect good numbers this week.


Matt Leinart/Kurt Warner vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have actually produced fewer sacks and pass rush then people realize. As the 19th best pass defense in the league, they have had a moderate amount of pass attempts against while still providing decent scoring chances for QBs. I expect a middle tier QB2 game at the very least with some high swinging upside while the Cardinals try to keep up with the Vikings.


Shaun Hill at Seattle Seahawks

Oh yeah. I’m double dipping on the same game. Hill has gotten into the endzone a lot lately through Vernon Davis. I think the Seattle 4-3 (and hybrid 3-4) is likely to struggle against the big man.



Josh Freeman at Carolina Panthers

Freeman shouldn’t be started in any league this week. That includes 2QB leagues. All my readers should know this. But I just wanted to double triple check.


Tony Romo vs. New York Giants

The Cowboys have lacked offensive fire power against good defense. Are the Giants a good defense? I can’t say with certainty that they are. But division games also produce some close scoring affairs. I expect this one to be a low scoring game.


Joe Flacco at Green Bay Packers

Flacco took quite the beating last week. The Steelers had the number of the offensive line and the Packers have the players to pull off the same type of destruction. As long as Flacco is nursing a sore ankle, he will struggle against the blitz.