More Of The Same In The NFL Week 13, Colts and Saints Win, Browns Lose

Macho RhinoCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2009

Jets 24 at Bills 31 – Since the Dick Jauron firing, the Buffalo offense has exploded. It continues this week.
Eagles 28 at Falcons 17 – No Matt Ryan equals no win for Atlanta. Eagles keep pace in the NFC East.
Rams 17 at Bears 20 – Bears win but it’s not easy.
Lions 10 at Bengals 38 – This one is never in doubt.
Titans 27 at Colts 28 – The Titans are trying to run the table after an 0-6 start and the Colts are trying to run the table since day 1. Colts at home get another close W.
Broncos 21 at Chiefs 24 – Kansas City has been playing better lately minus last week’s dubbing in San Diego. Denver has struggled since their great start. KC gets the win to make it 3 of 4.
Patriots 35 at Dolphins 20 – Patriots are out to erase Monday night’s loss and the Dolphins even with the wildcat can’t beat them.
Raiders 10 at Steelers 30 – Steelers are fighting for a playoff spot and run over Oakland this week.
Saints 31 at Redskins 17 – Saints move to 12-0, Redskins get closer to a new coach.
Buccaneers 21 at Panthers 24 – Panthers edge out the Bucs in a game that really is uninteresting.

Texans 24 at Jaguars 28 – The loser of this game will have a new coach next season.
Chargers 41 at Browns 9 – This one gets ugly in a hurry. San Diego is one of the best teams in the league and the Browns are the worst.
Cowboys 24 at Giants 27 – A loss here could end the G-men’s season. They find a way to beat an up and down Cowboys team.
49ers 21 at Seahawks 17 – Seahawks stink and the 49ers have something to play for still. Mike Singletary won’t let his guys lose this one.
Vikings 31 at Cardinals 27- The Vikings have Brett Favre and a pass rush. Whomever QB’s the Cardinals is in for a long day.
Ravens 20 at Packers 21 – This should be a great game. I think they’re pretty even teams but will take the Packers at home.