Fantasy Depth Chart's Week 11 Sits & Starts

FantasyDCCorrespondent INovember 20, 2009

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I wish I could say that I wasn’t reviewing last weeks success simply because I was being selfish. Sadly, my real job is keeping me from spending as much time looking back as I would prefer. Instead I’m looking forward to Sunday’s games while enjoying some Thursday night football.


Start :

Rashard Mendenhall at Kansas City Chiefs

Welcome back to the goodside Mendy. And by goodside, I mean a game in which PIT doesn’t play stupid and lets you pound the rock. Expect RB1 numbers from the Steelers RB.

Pierre Thomas at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The poor guy has had some down weeks. Enough for people to forget he is a half decent player. This week he goes against a less then half decent run defense. I couldn’t name a bad Saints RB if you asked me. But Thomas is the must start of the group.

Kevin Smith vs Cleveland Browns

Almost every analyst in the fantasy football world is saying it. We can’t all be wrong can we? As a Smith owner, I fear that he might get banged up and leave this game. But the matchup is solid and should lead Smith to his first (and second) TD in a long while.

Bernard Scott at Oakland Raiders

Benson is still a shaky start. The Raiders suck at keeping games close which leads to a lot of rushing attempts/yards/TDs. Need me to explain more? Start Scott as a flex spot in medium to large leagues.

Sit :

Jamal Charles vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Poor Charles. Welcome to the NFL in your second, third, fourth...whichever it is start. Now you get to face the Steelers. Maybe worth a flex start in deep leagues.

Michael Bush/Darren McFadden vs Cincinnati Bengals

How in the world did the Bengals become the second best rush defense? God must be punishing me. Even so, Oakland is in for a very long day against a very good Bengals team. Not even worth a flex start.

Frank Gore at Green Bay Packers

Yes I’m crazy. Yes you’re going to start Gore anyways. But please understand that at best you’ll get RB2 type numbers at best. I’m going to get off my soap box right now.


Start :

Matthew Stafford at Detroit Lions

Yes I’m crazy. Most teams aren’t in a position where they need to start Stafford. But that doesn’t mean he is in a much better situation this week then any other week this week. Thankfully the NFL is blacking out this game. Only start Stafford in 2QB leagues but don’t be surprised if he puts up QB1 type numbers.

David Garrard vs Buffalo Bills

The ninth best pass defense faces an excellent running back. How will this turn out? With Garrard making a couple huge throws to Mike Sims-Walker. Garrard is a borderline QB1 this week. But given his matchup, is an excellent boom/bust start in deeper leagues.

Brett Favre vs Seattle Seahawks

The old man has found his way onto this side of the list a lot. He has not been great enough to deserve must start QB1 type status but Favre has been excellent in good matchups this season. Look for Favre to take advantage of the 22nd best pass defense.

Sit :

Tony Romo vs Washington Redskins

The Redskins are only doing two or three things right this year. One of them is stopping the pass. I’m super excited about seeing my rookie DE Orakpo light up Tony Romo. The Redskins have made a living getting to the QB, Romo has given up a large amount of sacks (sixth most). I don’t see Romo having a good day but the Cowboys should win on the legs of their trifecta of RBs.

Josh Freeman at New Orleans Saints

Freeman has been pretty good in his first two weeks in the NFL. The Saints gave up some serious points to Marc Bulger last week. But don’t trick yourself into doing something stupid. The Saints should have a field day (aka basically a day off) against the Buccaneers.

Carson Palmer vs Oakland Raiders

Someone call me crazy. Go ahead and do it. The Raiders have fallen behind in so many games that they have only given up eight passing TDs this year. I don’t see why the Bengals should prove any different against the Raiders. The Raiders have a good enough pass defense to keep the Bengals in check until the Cincinnati rushing attack blows this one out. Expect the yardage but not the TDs from Palmer this week.


Start :

Nate Washington at Houston Texans

I’ll be honest. This one is mostly a feeling. If this is a low scoring affair, neither passing attack will have gotten rolling. But I’m expect +20 points from both teams. Should be an excellent game. This is partially going against my “Monday Special” article hype. But oh well.

Randy Moss vs Darrell Revis

Yes you read that right. I didn’t say Moss against the Jets. Its Moss against Revis. I’ll be the first to admit that Revis is out of this world good. But I’ll be the first to say Moss will score two TDs this week. Yeah you heard me right.

Mark Clayton vs Indianapolis Colts

I for the life of me can’t see this being a low scoring game. Both teams have the players and systems to put up points on the other. Mason and Flacco are bound to be good starts but the guy most likely to “over produce” is Clayton. Enjoy a huge week from the No. 2/No. 3 WR in Baltimore.

Sit :

Michael Crabtree at Green Bay Packers

The young man has had some good games recently. But the Green Bay CBs are simply to good for the generic offense the 49ers run. I expect a nasty blow out that could result in some garbage points for Crabtree. But I’m not in the business of predicting garbage points.

Brandon Marshall vs San Diego Chargers

If Orton isn’t healthy this could get really really bad. But at best, Marshall owners are looking at a two reception, 30 yards type day.   I’m sorry Broncos fans.

Greg Jennings vs San Francisco 49ers

I was asked to mention a couple players this week. One of them stood out as a very risky boom/bust player. Jennings was touted as a high WR pick this year. He has never really seemed to get his feet under him in terms of fantasy production. I fear the 49ers aren’t going to allow Rodgers to get his feet under him as well. Might be time to permanently place Jennings on the bench until he steps up against some bad matchups.


Start :

Brent Celek at Chicago Bears

Celek has had off and on type weeks. TD production from TEs is a big part of being a top five type player. This week I expect plenty of passing from Andy Reid and I expect the Eagles to take advantage of areas the 49ers could not utilize last week. Celek could have a two TD game this Sunday.

Jason Witten vs Washington Redskins

It pains me to type this as Witten is a part of my playoff bound dynasty team. But the Redskins are good at getting to QBs. Romo is bad at avoiding sacks. Witten is either going to land plenty of receptions as a dumb off or none. Consider him a boom/bust TE.

Tony Gonzalez at New York Giants

The Giants pass rush is not feared. Matt Ryan should still be pressured but it will be at the Giants expense of letting Tony G loose in their secondary.

Sit :

Vernon Davis at Green Bay Packers

I really couldn’t find a TE I disliked. Davis’s matchup came the closest. Let it be known that this is a very very low key sit recommendation that should only be headed at the expense of a legit TE backup.