NFC Week 10 Power Poll

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NFC Week 10 Power Poll
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Give your Poll to your Favorite team at NFC Week 10 Power Poll.

1: New Orleans Saints (6-2 ATS, 8-0 SU) (LW: 1) The Saints spotted the Panthers two TDs on the betting line and two more TDs in the first quarter, and it was only barely enough for Carolina to cover the spread. New Orleans has now proved that it can win from behind both at home and on the road, and could be the team to beat in the NFC.

Up Next: Away @ Rams (-13.5)

2: San Francisco 49ers (5-2-1 ATS, 3-5 SU) (LW: 3) San Francisco just seems like a team of "Yeah, buts” this season. The Niners were every bit as good as Tennessee on Sunday afternoon. Yeah, but they ultimately lost 34-27. It's a given fact that an offense that features a solid running back in Frank Gore and three first-round skill players in QB Alex Smith, WR Michael Crabtree, and TE Vernon Davis. Yeah, but the team is still just 3-5. That had better change soon, or head coach Mike Singletary may flip his lid.

Up Next: Home vs. Bears (-3) -115

3: Dallas Cowboys (5-3 ATS, 6-2 SU) (LW: 5) How 'bout 'dem Cowboys? "Big D" is in the saddle in the NFC East and holds a commanding lead on a playoff spot. Just a few weeks ago, everyone was asking about head coach Wade Phillips getting fired. Now we're back to asking "if" and not "when." A few more wins, and we'll be asking about an extension.

Up Next: Away @ Packers (-3) +100

4: Minnesota Vikings (5-3 ATS, 7-1 SU) (LW: 4) Minnesota watched and grinned with approval as both Chicago and Green Bay were embarrassed on Sunday afternoon. If QB Brett Favre and the Vikes find a way to blow this lead in the division, they should be sent to the glue factory.

Up Next: Home vs. Lions (-16.5)

5: Philadelphia Eagles (5-3 ATS, 5-3 SU) (LW: 2) Sunday night's loss to the Cowboys had to be crushing for the Eagles. They could've carried a one-game lead with the tiebreaker into Week 10, but now, HC Andy Reid and the gang have to be scratching their collective heads about how they're going to find a way to win the NFC East. The good news is that most of the other Wild Card contenders in the NFC also fell on Sunday.

Up Next: Away @ Chargers (+2)

6: Arizona Cardinals (5-3 ATS, 5-3 SU) (LW: 6) The Cardinals are apparently a miserable home team and an exceptional road team this year. They left the desert and laid an absolute beating on the Bears Sunday afternoon. QB Kurt Warner's five TDs more than made up for his five INTs two weeks ago against Carolina.

Up Next: Home vs. Seahawks (-8.5)

7: Atlanta Falcons (5-3 ATS, 5-3 SU) (LW: 10) Atlanta bettors had to be scared for a little while, but ultimately, a 31-17 victory over the Redskins was enough to get the job done and beat the number. The Falcons are just 1-3 SU and 2-2 ATS away from the Georgia Dome this year, which will make these next two tasks incredibly difficult.

8: Green Bay Packers (4-4 ATS, 4-4 SU) (LW: 7) Have the Packers totally mailed it in? The 2009 season hangs in the balance after they lost to the previously winless Bucs 38-28 at Raymond James Stadium. Next week is a very important, emotional game, as there is a big difference between a game above and a game below .500 this deep into the season.

Up Next: Home vs. Cowboys (+3) -120

And the rest of the polls for NFC teams Week 10 

9: Chicago Bears (4-4 ATS, 4-4 SU) (LW: 8)

10: New York Giants (4-4-1 ATS, 5-4 SU) (LW: 9)

11: Carolina Panthers (3-5 ATS, 3-5 SU) (LW: 13)

12: Seattle Seahawks (3-5 ATS, 3-5 SU) (LW: 14)

13: St. Louis Rams (3-5 ATS, 1-7 SU) (LW: 11)

14: Detroit Lions (2-6 ATS, 1-7 SU) (LW: 12)

15: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-6 ATS, 1-7 SU) (LW: 16)

16: Washington Redskins (2-6 ATS, 2-6 SU) (LW: 15)

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