St. Louis Cardinals People On Twitter

Aaron HooksCorrespondent INovember 10, 2009


By this point you’ve formed some sort of opinion on the micro-blogging site. And that opinion is usually in one of two camps and only in one of two camps.

Camp No. 1: I hate Twitter. I don’t know why anyone would want to know what I’m doing all the time. It’s so stupid, I’m not surprised it’s popular in America. 

Camp No. 2: I simply cannot live without Twitter. It integrates perfectly into my life and is bountiful in its usefulness. Best invention of all time.  

Full disclosure, I’m in Camp No. 2 after dutifully carrying the torch for Camp No. 1 until about two months ago. Why the change of heart? Because I figured out how to use Twitter. And I want you to start using it too.

The good news? It’s so damn easy; you’d wish you’d gotten hooked months ago.

With other social networking sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, some people you’re obligated to friend. Your cousin Frank may be obsessed with Mafia Wars and you’re going to see his level status twice a day, everyday for perpetuity. But since you don’t want to make Thanksgiving awkward turtle, you can’t de-friend the poor guy. I mean, he’s only got 15 friends to begin with… he WILL notice.  

Twitter on the other hand makes you the director of your own personalized information stream. You find people with interesting takes on interesting things and you follow them. When you get bored with them? Eliminate them and find someone else.

Making sure that ‘follows’ are nothing more than a trial commitment to someone else’s information puts you, the Twitter user, in the driver’s seat for getting all the information you want about a billion different things all the time, whenever you want it.  

And since you’re reading this article, you’re probably a Cardinals fan. So let me help you out with some Cardinal related feeds to follow.

In no particular order...  

Tony LaRussa: He just started his feed a few weeks back, so most of the stuff you’ll find is ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) related in some way. I’m interested to see if he gives us any insight on the season once it draws closer. But if you’re interested in what Skip does in the off-season, here’s your chance.  

Blake Hawksworth: Very interactive with the fans, Blake will often respond to direct questions and Tweet insights into the games he plays in. A very religious guy, he’s also going to do a little Bible thumping too. 

Joe Strauss: The Post-Dispatch beat writer for the Cardinals often breaks and teases news on the Birds before it’s printed anywhere else. He also gives out betting tips on college football games.  

Todd Wellemeyer: He may not be back with the Cardinals in 2010 and his account silence has coincided with his collapse as a viable starter. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t still pretty weird.

Jeff Luhnow: The VP of player development for the Cardinals and likes to Tweet about the minor-league guys and how they are performing. A valuable insight into players we don’t get to see on a regular basis.

Fake Mike Shannon: He’s not the real Mike Shannon, but his musings are close enough.  This feed just got started, so it’s going to only get better as the author feels the pressures of an increasing following.

Fake Fredbird: Yes, Fredbird has a Twitter page. Fake Fredbird that is. But until the real Fredbird starts Tweeting, this will have to do. Effing Fredbird. Love that thing.

Matt Pagnozzi: Cardinal farmhand and nephew of Tom. He’s on and tweeting on life in the minor leagues.

Annie Wersching: Start of the FOX show ‘24’ and huge Cardinal fan. She often Tweets about her hometown team.

Rasmus Girl: Read the back story here and then you decide if following her is creepy or not.

Erika:   The biggest Cardinal fan I have ever seen. Sweet lady, too. But seriously, I don’t think there is a bigger fan.

So there you go. That should get you started on a nice Cardinal Twitter feed. Feel free to post ones I missed in the comments below.

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