B/R Exclusive Interview: "Rasmus Girl"

Aaron HooksCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2009

Nichole Geiger changed your life.  Not in an extraordinarily significant way, but she’s definitely changed your life.  

You may know Nichole better by her moniker “Rasmus Girl”, and for the first time this Belleville West High student is speaking out about her viral YouTube hit “Fire Burning in the Outfield” and the perils that fame hath wrought.  

If you haven’t seen the video, please take a minute and watch. We’ll wait.

OK. Now let’s set the stage...Aug. 9 2009. Nichole is nearing the end of her summer vacation and decides to make a video to amuse herself. 

“To write the lyrics it took about 2 hours and to record it took about 1 hour.  It was the editing that took the most time." And edit she did, producing an iconic piece of viral video that, arguably, is now the theme song for the St. Louis Cardinals 2009 run to the postseason.

Think about it. 

Pretty much everyone has seen it. You sing it when you watch the games. You hate that it’s banging around in your head, but you kind of love it, too. It’s perfect in so many ways. How is this not going to be remembered on par with 1985’s “The Heat is On”?

Days later, the video had a couple thousand hits and Nichole was pretty stoked about the fact that so many people were checking it out and spreading it via Facebook and e-mails. Ninety-five percent of all videos posted to YouTube in 2008 got less than 100 views. Less than one percent got over 1000. It was beating the odds. But how did she know it was getting really big?

“Probably when I went to school and had 5,000 views and came home to have 30,000 views. That was unreal!” Ahhh...the power of Barry Petchesky and Deadspin.  Soon the Post Dispatch, InsideSTL and other reputable and not so reputable media outlets were linking to the song. We had a hit. And when we have hits, we get egos.

Nichole, we hate to break it to you, but I don’t think you’ll be getting hit on...errr...fawned over by Ellen DeGeneres on AI anytime soon, sorry.  “I just really enjoy baseball I know I'm not a good singer.  The video was just something to do to show my support for Cardinals baseball.”  

Good. As long as we’re all in agreement that this is more fun than the chronicles of a young Whitney Houston, we can proceed with this guilty pleasure as the theme song for 2009.

Colby Rasmus is very non-tech savvy.  A colleague of mine once asked his agent for his e-mail address to send some questions for an article he was writing for CBS Sportsline and the agent told him that Colby doesn’t even own a computer. 

But this wasn’t going to let the Cardinals stop them from embarrassing the hell out of Colby with this video. Rumor has it that they even got it up for a viewing on a recent charter flight home.  And one thing we all know as Cardinal fans, once the team is involved, the creeps are sure to follow.

“I have had two marriage proposals which was different, but I'm flattered.  I've also had someone make a cover video of my song which I take as a great compliment.  They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.”

Yes. That would be flattering for those gentlemen...if she was over 18, the legal age you can get married in the state of Illinois. Chris Hansen might have a different view of these, but I’ll leave the creep busting up to dateline. But just so we’re clear here: Nichole is in high school. You are not. End of story.

Follow up video? I think we’d all like to see that, right?

“I'm not planning another video, but if I did it would probably be about Brendan Ryan.  I think he is a great player.  Very talented SS.”

Whaaa?! Noooo...We want a follow up. We NEED a follow up video. Pu-lease!

Ok, aspirations in life? Goals? Future Plans?

“I don't have a job but I hope to apply for something at Busch Stadium maybe something like Team Fredbird.  I play softball at my high school and I'm in other clubs such as math team, scholar bowl, band, pep club, and recycling club.”

Bleacher Report, if this web site has any clout whatsoever, we will make this happen. Imagine the good PR if we can get Rasmus Girl a job on Team Fredbird...come on, do it for the poor girl.

Let’s put a nice bow on this one, Nichole. Will you do the honors? “I love the cards always have and always will.  I'm looking forward to seeing them in the playoffs.” Well put.

What have we learned, friends?  1) Rasmus Girl produced the hit Cardinals anthem for 2009. 2) STL has creepsters willing to propose on-line to a high school girl. 3) She wants to be on Team Fredbird. 4) He hit that triple, double, single, smooth home run.