Mike Singletary Needs To Really Take a Closer Look in the Mirror

Steven ResnickSenior Writer INovember 8, 2009

SANTA CLARA, CA - MAY 01:  Head coach Mike Singletary of the San Francisco 49ers looks on during the 49ers Minicamp at their training facilities on May 1, 2009 in Santa Clara, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

It's time for San Francisco 49er fans to start calling out coach Mike Singletary. It's obvious the systems in place right now are not exactly working very well for the team, and it starts with three of the coordinators.

The first one is the offensive coordinator. Singletary made a gigantic mistake in hiring such a clown as Jimmy Raye who has no clue how to run an offense. Singletary at the start of the season had stated he wanted the 49ers to be a running team.

Well did that happen against the Tennessee Titans? Nope. It's absolutely embarrassing as a fan to watch this team, that had such high expectations after winning the first three games, fall like they have and it starts with the play calling offensively.

In the last two games, Raye has not given the 49ers a chance to win. I think the biggest example of this was when the 49ers had the ball for over nine minutes and only came out with a field goal.

At the time, the 49ers were tied up at 17 with the Titans, and the field goal gave the 49ers a 20-17 lead, but the play calling by Raye...it just boggles the mind.

All the 49ers needed was 10 yards. Inserted into the backfield with Frank Gore was Michael Robinson. The first play went to Robinson for a loss of a yard on an inside hand off to him.

The second play of the series was a little dump off pass to Robinson again, which when he caught the ball had no chance of scoring whatsoever and managed to gain four yards.

Seven yards needed, and instead of finding Vernon Davis, who leads the NFL in touchdown catches, Alex Smith looks for Gore who could not make the play on what looked like a good throw by Smith.

As mentioned before, the end result was a field goal.

I think most 49ers fans were excited about the promise of a 3-0 start. Of course the fans knew the upcoming schedule—Falcons, Vikings, and Colts—would be difficult.

But for the Titans, 49ers fans felt like this should be a relatively easy win considering the Titans were 1-6 coming into the game, and the Houston Texans were a team that the 49ers I believe were evenly matched up with.

We all know what happened in the Falcons game: the 49ers were embarrassed. Against the Vikings and Colts the 49ers had chances to beat both teams, but just couldn't get it done. Against the Titans I would say it goes back to the effort against the Falcons.

Which, to me is very surprising because I thought that the 49ers team was going to be better with Singletary at the helm, but it looks like it's the same old, same old for the 49ers.

If you were to ask me what the biggest mistake Singletary has made I would say it was keeping Greg Manusky around. I'm sorry, but Manusky is overrated by 49er fans. I could care less that the 49ers have the second best defense against the run and haven't given up a 100 yard rusher all year until today.

There are other things that the 49ers continue to not show, like the ability to step up from being just a good defense against the run, but nothing else comes close to it.

Let's see, what are some things that the 49ers are constantly not performing in? Their pass rush is non existent, the secondary is a mess, the team cannot tackle, and when the defense needs to make a big play it rarely ever happens.

There's were at least two examples of this in Sunday's game against the Titans, but all are bunched together because the plays came in the same series. Chris Johnson of the Titans looked like he scored on an 81-yard touchdown run on the first play of the Titans drive.

Yet, he had stepped out of bounds around the 40 yard line. The next play was a call to Johnson again, and the 49ers sniffed it out perfectly and tackled Johnson for a four yard loss. So, 2nd-and-14 for the Titans.

Vince Young goes deep for Justin Gage and hits him perfectly. There were no 49ers players there to make the play as Gage went up to get the ball. There wasn't even a 49er defender that could be there in time to either try to knock the ball away as Gage was coming down or hit him to jar it loose.

Flash forward a little bit in the same series. The 49ers had the Titans in second-and-short situation near the one yard line. Both times the 49ers were able to come up with the stop.

Here's the biggest moment of the game for the 49ers at least defensively. The Titans ran an option play and the 49ers had a great chance to stop Johnson three to four yards short and give the ball back to the 49ers, but poor tackling allowed Johnson to escape, and not only get the first down but score as well, which gave the Titans the lead.

Look at the end result for the 49ers defense. The team gave up 152 yards rushing and 172 yards passing. It took 34 attempts for the Titans to get the rushing numbers, but only 12 completions to get 172 yards. That's 14 yards per completed pass, and to make matters worse there was only one sack by the 49ers defense.

Honestly, there's really not much to think about when you look at the offense and defensive coordinators both are terrible. Both needs to be given the pink slips, the only question is does Singletary have the balls to do it at the end of the season when the 49ers are watching the playoffs at home?