Stop With The Cable Articles-Lets Focus On The Second Half Of The Season

Grant BartoloContributor INovember 8, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 14:  (L-R) JaMarcus Russell #2 and Robert Gallery #76 of the Oakland Raiders celebrate after Russell threw a 57-yard touchdown pass to Louis Murphy #18 in the fourth quarter against the San Diego Chargers on September 14, 2009 at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ok Raider Nation, I will start by saying this: Stop publishing stupid shit on the dumb scandal....those women are prolly looking for money....anyways....

I think the Raiders are closer than everyone think they are. This team has better talent and a coaching staff that's credible than the past 5 years. I think the Raiders will finish 7-9, and break the curse of the 10 loss season. Here are the keys to doing that...

JaMarcus Russell keeps up his renewed work ethic-If you show up early and work hard, you can only get better. JaMarcus needs to throw close to 200 yards a game now that Schilens is back. He needs to make short throws, like ones off screens. We need to run way more than we throw, but we should go for the occasional long bomb. If the defense is on all cylinders, along with the run game, and JaMarcus throws for close to 200 yards with a TD and only 1 pick, we will win the game. JaMarcus will be helped with the return of Chaz Schilens. Which leads me to another point.....

Offensive Line has to be solid-With the reurn of Gallery, I believ this unit is solid. I'd say this is how it should look...

LT-Mario Henderson (Here to stay), LG-Robert Gallery, C-Samson Satele, RG-Cooper Carlisle (needs to be replaced), and RT-Khalif Barnes or Langston Walker (Bring Cornell Green on running plays) If the O Line is solid, it will make JaMarcus Russell play better.

The wide recievers need to start to peform-Chaz Schilens needs to play big, and JLH needs to rebound, both the punt return and reciever. DHB needs to start producing, but he shouldn't be starting. Why not put him i the slot? Javon walker needs to start playing, and Murphy has done solid, but should be playing way less. DHB and Murphy need to learn more (although he played a great game in week 1, what a TD catch! and what a block vs. the Eagles!). Miller is doing good as usual, which leads me to another point....

Need to utilize Miller and Gary Russell-As we saw in the upset over the Eagles, when we threw the ball to Miller, good things happened, like that 86 yard touchdown. And when Russell was milking the clock, he utilized Gary Russell out of the backfield, and we won because of it. When JaMarcus make short dump passes off screens or short passes, he's good. If JaMarcus utilizes his options on a consistent basis, we will win

Coaching-We need to hire an Offensive Coordinator-it's that simple. But Cable needs to mix up his plays more; we need to run way more than we need to pass; we also need to use more trick plays on offense, keep throwing in blitzes on defense, as well as keeping this team motivated and getting them to play their hearts ok every damm week. If we do that, we are a .500 football team....who the fuck is sanjay lal...bye bye! Its time to bring Lofton back, and on that note, we need to hire a GM....

RUN THE DAMM BALL!!!-If we get more than 100 yards every game, we win...plain and simple...we need to utilize the three back system of Darren McFadden, Bush, and Fargas...We need to run WAY MORE than we pass....its that simple...JUST WIN BABY!!

Defense needs to come ready to play-We win games on defense...its that simple. The defensive line is top 5. The linebacking corps is fast, and the backfield is solid. If the defense comes with passion every week, this is a top 10 defense...Seymour has improved this unit, and Huff has emerged (he's here to stay). This group is solid, it's just the offense I'm worried about. We need to keep blitzing, and keep getting sacks. If we stop the run, if we are a top 20 run defense team, and a top 10 pass defense who get lots of sacks with some picks, we will win. Huff and Johnson have been solid this season, along with Branch. Morrison and Howard are good, Warren is a force along with Kelly; I like the young guys on the line, they are getting so much better! But if the defense plays with heart every week, and the run game is on all cylinders, with JaMarcus doing OK, then we are a .500 football team.

Well, the bottom line is, if Cable can mix up the playcalling and Al Davis can continue to stay quiet, and if Cable get these guys to come out on all cylinders, and if JaMarcus Russell continues to utilize his options consistently, and to show up early with his renewed work ethic, and the defense plays with heart, along with the run game on all cylinders, and the O Line to be solid, then we will finish 5-3 in the second half to finish 7-9, which will break the curse of the 10 loss season.

We will beat KC

we will beat Cincy

Loss to Dallas

Loss to Pitt

We will beat Washington

Loss to Donkies

We will beat Cleveland

We will beat Baltimore

7-9!!!! Commitment to Excellence