Dan Snyder: The Genius

Jason KimContributor INovember 2, 2009

WASHINGTON - MAY 3:  Daniel Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins NFL team, speaks during a charity event May 3, 2008 in Washington DC.  Larry King was joined by supporters of the Larry King Cardiac Foundation to celebrate the foundation's 20th anniversary with a evening event that included a performance by Seal to raise money for the charity.  (Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)
Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

Dan Snyder has been called many things: idiot, moron, greedy, manipulative, etc. One thing that he is not usually called is genius. How can a man responsible for one of the most dysfunctional sports franchises in America, much less the NFL, be called a genius? I believe Snyder is a secret genius, doing all that he has done this season, and the past 10 years, in a cold, calculating method. He has built this false notion of an idiotic, meddling owner as a front, but in reality, he is a secret genius! 

Dan Snyder claims he is a Redskins fan. He tells stories of how he used to watch old Redskins game with his father as a youngster. We as fans can relate. How many of us wish we could own the Redskins? He says that he wants to win. He wants the Redskins to return to glory. I beg to differ.

Dan Snyder only wants to win because winning makes money. Simple as that. He doesn't care about the team, the tradition or creating a strong franchise. He just wants money. He wants a Super Bowl ring not because his favorite team wins the championship, but because he can milk the Super Bowl run into more cash.

Dan Snyder is viewed as a business man trying to be a football man, especially in the way he treats free agency. I think Dan Snyder is just a businessman. Think of the process that we've been through:

The team has a mediocre year. Fans are disappointed, many are angry. What Snyder does is sign a super star free agent. The fans are intrigued. We believe a change is coming. Of course, change does not come, and the team has another mediocre year, another superstar is signed, and the cycle starts again.

Snyder signs these free agents as a way to repackage the team. He is able to take a bad product, put new wrapping on it, and present it to the fans as something different. The signing of the free agent has nothing to do with improving the team, it's a business move. It's the flashy new toy that fans can gawk at. When we get tired of it, another toy is added. 

He is essentially exploiting the fan base. Redskins fans are extremely passionate about their team. We want a winning team so badly that we sometimes fool ourselves. We salivate at the notion of change, that a single player can change the fortunes of the team. Snyder knows this, and will exploit it over and over again, like a crafty quarterback exploiting the over zealous safety with a great pump-fake.

The outside world calls Snyder an idiot because we think he's really trying to build a winning team. We call him a fool because he does the same thing over and over again. He does the same thing over again because it works; not in the sense of a great franchise, but making money! 

The top three most valuable franchises in the NFL are the Cowboys, the Redskins, and the Patriots.

The Cowboys have a national following, and are like the Lakers of the NBA. They have bandwagon fans all over the nation. They also tend to do very well in the regular season. Postseason, not so much. The Patriots are three-time Super Bowl champions, have the greatest offense to date, and have a quality team every year. 

The Redskins? Three playoff appearances in 10 years. No quality product. So how are they the second-most valuable franchise in the NFL? Because Snyder is a genius, who manipulates the fan base into giving him their money.

What intelligent individual would pay money for a broken car? The fans are like a person paying for a broken car because the crafty salesman can make sales. The salesman diverts our attention away from the broken engine, and shows us the flashy sound system, the new coat of paint, and the neat-o body kit. 

Snyder may look like an moron trying to build a great team in vain, but I think he has us all fooled. The genius that is Dan Snyder gets away with selling a crappy product with a pretty box every single year.

The fans of the Redskins say we've had it. Enough is enough! Boycott Snyder, stop going to games, stop buying Redskins merchandise. If Dan Snyder signed Tom Brady and Randy Moss this offseason, how many of us would stick to our guns? Would we stop being tricked and realize it's another bad product wrapped in gold foil, or will the genius have pulled the wool over our eyes yet again?