Eagles-Redskins: A Pivotal Game

Mike RigzContributor IOctober 26, 2009

I hate when someone hypes up a game beyond its value early in the season. We have all seen the late season rallies, the hot streak of wins, or the stars aligning for an open window to the playoffs (Eagles last season).

But under the circumstances, both the Philadelphia Eagles' and Washington Redskins' seasons could be at the turning point this Monday night.

The Redskins have spent a typical mountain of money to bring in the top free agents to help win it all. An excellent draft can also be noted for the high expectations that this team had at the start of the season.

So where are all the wins? Well, the Detroit Lions own one of them, thanks to a very unbalanced and frustrating offense.

The Redskins are the definition of flat football on offense these days, ranking at the bottom of most, if not all, offensive categories.

Injuries are starting to become a factor and jobs are on the line, including that of starting quarterback Jason Campbell, who was benched in last week's game against the winless Kansas City Chiefs.

It’s also not a good sign when the head coach is rumored to be hanging it up midseason. Of course, now it seems he will be here for the remainder, but nothing is in stone.

Philadelphia is 3-2 with a brutal uphill battle ahead of them. Not only have the Eagles yet to face a divisional opponent, they still get to see the likes of the Falcons, Chargers, Broncos, and Bears.

Confidence has surely been tested in this last week, and now with questions at offensive line and linebacker, fans can’t shake that sinking feeling.

The Eagles just gave everyone the definition of what an overlook game was last week.

Anyone who uses the phrase “overlook” could never give a quick example, but the Eagles will come to mind for quite some time now. Philadelphia wasn’t just looking past the Oakland Raiders to the Redskins matchup, the Birds saw all three of their divisional opponents in a row and fell asleep at the wheel on the road in what should have been a easy “gimme win.”

It stings even harder when a team like the New York Jets makes the same cross-country trip to Oakland, only to blow the doors off the Silver and Black with a power running game.

The Eagles and 'Skins did buy a little breathing room on Sunday night, when the Cardinals did the NFC East a favor by beating the 5-1 Giants at home.

Either way, if the Redskins lose at home on Monday, they’ll drop to 2-5 and have to deal with a media frenzy. That would surely force coach Zorn to stick his tail between his legs and call it a year.

The Eagles would fall to 3-3 with a loss.

They are used to the gouging media, so nothing would be out of the ordinary. But will they be able to battle such a difficult schedule after back-to-back losses to below .500 teams?

I would like to think my pick of the Eagles winning (26-20) would give fans some reassurance, but despite a great start to the season of picking games, the NFL has become a weekly headache of upsets, making it that much more exciting and making the phrase “any given Sunday” that much more true.


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