Titans' Jeff Fisher Told a Joke, Fans and Players in Tizzy They Need to Get Over

Bryan Hollister@too_old_4stupidAnalyst IOctober 22, 2009

I have three words for Titans fans who are calling for coach Jeff Fisher's head—and Titans players who act like he just kicked their dog—after a joke he made at a charity function Tuesday:


On Tuesday, following the Titans embarrassing 59-0 no-show of a game against the New England Patriots, Jeff Fisher appeared at a charity for Rocketown, and was introducing former Colts head coach Tony Dungy, widely held throughout the NFL as being one of the classiest, most respected, genuinely nicest guys around.

Fisher, dressed in a coat and tie, innocently asked the audience if they were as hot as he was. He was so hot, in fact, that he had to strip out of his coat, tie, and shirt, revealing—much to the delight of those in attendance—a No. 18 Peyton Manning jersey.

As he walked back up to the microphone he stated, "I just wanted to feel like a winner."

Titans fans lost their minds.

How dare he make light of the situation in Nashville? Does he not have any respect for his team, his players, his town, the fans? Is he so smug that he thinks he is infallible, and everything he does is above reproach?

Is he not the least bit worried that making light of the serious situation in Nashville could cost him his job?


Titans players acted like someone had called them a bad name during PE. LenDale White was particularly emotional in his response, even going so far as to say that no one has quit on the team, and that if he found out about it, there would be trouble.

REALLY get over yourself, LenDale.

Keith Bulluck and Jevon Kearse both were noncommittal in their comments, with both of them looking as if they might break down at any moment.

"It is what it is" was Bulluck's response. Is that the same way you feel about the performance you and the other 52 players put on last week, Keith? It is what it is, and let it be?

Jevon Kearse, if we will remember, was a healthy—A HEALTHY—scratch two weeks ago. Healthy players who are contributing to a team's success do not get scratched from the roster. So maybe his view of things is a little skewed.

Fans have their knickers in a twist, talking about how insensitive it was, how he should have thought before he acted, blah blah blah. As if they think Fisher is not aware of what is happening in Nashville.

If ANYONE is hyper aware of what is going on, it is Fisher. He has NEVER in his coaching career been exposed to this type of thing, and no one seems to be able to give him an answer. Not the players, not the coaches, NO ONE.

Fact is, he made a joke. And it was damned funny at that. If the Titans players want to feel like winners, then they need to STEP UP and start playing football. Stop acting like the whole world is against you, stop acting like you don't know how to play football, get out on the field and EARN THE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WE ARE PAYING YOU .

Here's a thought, Titans players: if you had done your job this season, then Coach Fisher wouldn't have had any fodder for a joke, now, would he? If you had even won a single game, and lost the rest of them in close contests, then the joke would not have been so funny, and yes, so biting, would it?

But you haven't. Instead you have played like a bunch of rank amateurs. The way you have played this year, you almost DESERVED the whipping you got in Foxboro. There has been more than enough time to adjust to the coaching change, and more than enough time for the DC and OC to get their heads straight and figure out how to put points on the board while keeping the other team from doing the same.

Fact is, NO ONE in Tennessee, including Coach Fisher, deserves to feel like a winner right now, because you AREN'T. Right now, with a couple of notable exceptions, you are all losers on the football field.


So if Coach Fisher wants to inject a little levity into a worthy cause, then so be it. If it ticks off a few players and makes them play harder, forces them to address their shortcomings on the field, then all the better.

If it goes the other way, and the players decide to "get even" by giving up, then all I have to say is, "Sticks and stones."

We learned way back in kindergarten about that one. So grow up.


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