Can The New York Jets Accomodate The Loss of Jenkins

David WyattAnalyst IOctober 21, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 18:  Kris Jenkins #77 of the New York Jets is helped off the field after being injured in the second quarter against the Buffalo Bills at Giants Stadium in the Meadowlands on October 18, 2009 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

The loss to the Buffalo Bills this Sunday was a blow, a crushing defeat that highlighted everything that every Jets fan worried about coming into the 2009-2010 season.

The quarterback was a rookie, the head coach was a rookie, the depth on the offensive line and defensive line are questionable, the receiving core is not deep enough, and with the free-spirited friendly figure taking over from the disciplinarian fatherly figure, penalties cost us.

All questions that we have flirted with over the course of the season but not been forced to answer, well like so many other things, they all came flooding to prominence on Monday morning and to some extent Sunday night.  Where the 'same ol' Jets' slogan almost became as fashionable as the 'lovable losers' tag strapped to the necks of the Cubs franchise.

Mark Sanchez looked like the rookie he is, and worse.  Rex Ryan for the second straight week made a poor judgement call that cost us a valuable time out.  We lost Damien Woody on the offensive line in the second half, and Kris Jenkins on the defensive line for most of the game.  Braylon Edwards was the only WR to catch a pass and Keller couldn't catch a cold.

It was what it was: a bad day for the Jets, the players, the coaches and the fans.  I have to admit I was steaming after it, using the 'same ol' Jets' tag myself on numerous occasions.  Fans were forced to the edge of the green cliffs of sanity and were hanging by a thread.

Monday morning I awoke with a new sense of optimism, we were 3-3, just one game out of first in the East with a victory against the leader, the New England Patriots.  I logged on to share my new found optimism with my fellow Jets fans, but before I was able to negotiate people from the edge.

The fatal blow was struck.

Kris Jenkins, the heart and soul of the defense, one of the premier nose tackles in the game, was heading to IR to undergo his second ACL surgery, this time on his left knee.

Out for the season, and my initial thought was "Goodbye, goodnight, thanks for coming, I hope you enjoyed the show."  We were done.

That was my honest reaction, what little faith I had, but coming off the back of a MNF loss to the rival Dolphins and then what was quite simply a embarrassing defeat to the Bills at home, enough was enough.

However now I have regained by sense of optimism.  Maybe this brings the team together.  If it doesn't, well it should have.  We are going to have to be better in all facets of the game if we even hope to accommodate a loss like this.

Bart Scott and David Harris are going to have to recognize their gap containment on every single down.  They no longer have a man in front who will close 1/2 of the line for them. Pouha will take charge, and he is by no means a small body, but he will not command the attention as much as Jenkins. He will not have the explosiveness of a Jenkins, but he may well be able to tie up blockers like Jenkins.

Shaun Ellis and Marques Douglas are going to have to step up, has anyone noticed Ellis this season? I only noticed him this Sunday when he fell on the knee of Jenkins and put him out the rest of the season.

He needs to start making plays, as does Douglas.  The OLB need to start getting pressure, Rex Ryan needs to come up with some different blitz packages.

One sack in the past three games, one.

I don't know if we can accommodate the loss of Jenkins.  I have no idea, and I guess we will see on Sunday.  If this has not put the emphasis on the concept of a 'team defense' then I don't know what will.

The general consensus I have gotten from Jets fans this week is that we still believe, and so does Rex.