Fantasy DC's Week Seven: Waiver Wire Rush

FantasyDCCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2009

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Apologies for the lack of a Waiver Wire article last week, but I’m back and ready for Week Seven.  All players mentioned below are available in 70 percent of 10-team formats and will likely be available in most leagues.

Go For It:

Kyle Orton, DEN, QB (66 percent owned in 10-team format)—We’re about 1/3 through the NFL season, and in 1/3 of leagues Kyle Orton is still available.  Unless you went QB/QB in the first and second rounds, you have a QB you can drop for Orton.  Coach McDaniels said in the preseason that Orton was the perfect QB for his system, and that includes Tom Brady and Matt Cassel (from last year at least).  Orton is not going to stop putting up consistent numbers, and he is by far the best waiver QB out there.  (Target: All leagues)

Cadillac Williams, TB, RB (55 percent)—Ward is still hurt, and with Earnest Graham moving to FB, Cadillac still leads the way in the Bay.  He’s close to top 20 RB numbers, and although he’s not a great start every week, matchups can play in his favor.  Don’t drop someone worth holding, but don’t hold someone worse than Caddy.  (Target: 10-12 team leagues)

Sidney Rice, MIN, WR (59 percent)—I was wrong.  I need to get that off my chest.  I was dead wrong about Sidney Rice.  The pass interference catch at the end of the Baltimore game sealed it, but his performance over the last four weeks has been outstanding.  Favre is keying in on Rice, and he’s taking every opportunity to prove he’s a No. 1 WR.  Pick him up at all cost.  (Target: All leagues)

All Things Depending:

Matt Hasselbeck, SEA, QB (68 percent)—Yes, Hasselbeck has a bye this week, so you don’t want to go for him if you’re looking for a bye week starter.  But he’s been solid in his return to the Seahawks, and barring another injury he should be a solid back-up at worst for most teams.  Take a flyer on him and see what happens, just don’t hope for too much.  (Target: 12 team leagues)

Tashard Choice, DAL, RB (44 percent)—News broke that Tashard Choice will be getting more carries.  I’d really like to know where from, especially with Felix Jones returning and MB3 getting healthier by the day.  Add to that the Cowboys penchant for passing, and Choice runs out of “more carries” pretty quickly.  If a Dallas back goes down, Choice is fine, but aside from that look for another option.  (Target: 12-14 team leagues)

Austin Collie, IND, WR (46 percent)—My favorite sports writer, Bill Simmons, says that Peyton Manning’s resurgence is due to his love for the new, young WRs the Colts have.  Collie is one of the great ones.  As much as I like Garcon, you have to see Collie sticking as the Wes Welker/Brandon Stokley type once Anthony Gonzalez returns.  Collie is a solid slot player with WR3 numbers coming in.  (Target: 12-14 team leagues)

Hold Off For Now:

Donald Brown, IND, RB (56 percent)—Brown is owned more than Leon Washington, Tashard Choice, and Laurence Maroney, yet he’s in as bad, if not a worse situation than any of them.  Addai is still getting carries, and as long as Peyton Manning is running the show, the passing game will be the focus.  Find someone else; there are better options.  (Target: 14+ team leagues)

Hakeem Nicks, NYG, WR (36 percent)—Here we go again.  Every week it seems a Giants WR breaks out and is anointed the new No. 1 threat.  Then someone gets hurt or someone gets outplayed and it’s a crapshoot again.  All I know is Steve Smith is the consistent one, Manningham has a few great games, and Nicks has done a good amount with the time given to him.  But I’m not sure once Manningham heals up how much more time he’ll have.  It’s just a lack of trust from me.  (Target: 14+ team leagues)