Fantasy Depth Chart's Week Six Sits & Starts in Recap

FantasyDCCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2009

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Another exciting week for NFL football (unless you were a Titans fan...sorry!).

RBs (7-1)
- Adrian Peterson (eighth), Rashard Mendenhall (16th) and Cadillac Williams (13th) all showed to be good RB1 or top notch RB2 players this weekend.

I’m a little disappointed in Mendenhall. But I should have known better. The dream is over with him. The next three weeks (Minnesota, bye, Denver) will prove to be fruitless for him.

- Michael Turner (19th), LT2 (21st), Jamal Lewis (+40th), Julius Jones (+50th) and Darren Sproles (+50th without return yards) all proved to be rather poor starts.

For some teams, starting Turner and/or LT may have been your best option but both were scraping the bottom of RB2 production.

- I’m giving myself some slack with Turner and calling it a hit. But I’m going to count LT2 as a miss since he did retain RB2 status.

QBs (3-1)

- Marc Bulger (13th) and Brett Favre (fourth) came through for me as legit QB1 type QBs. Bulger could have had a much better day if Avery had stayed healthy, and Favre did exactly what I thought he would.

Matt Hasselbeck (31st) got outscored by Julian Edelman in some leagues (where he retains QB status in Yahoo). Nough said.

- Philip Rivers (11th without sacks) barely made it into the Top 12 but I’m going to count this one as a wash.

The league I use to generate “final week’s rankings” doesn’t count fumbles (only fumbles lost) or sacks and once you include either of those, Rivers saw his production drop mightily.

He threw for about 40 yards more than I thought he would but once again a 3-4 defense kept him from being ultra productive.

- Eli Manning (21st). I got this one right. Not going to say anything else on the matter.

WRs (2-2)

- Donnie Avery (37th) proved to be a sad choice. He was on the way for a good game before getting hurt. I was nice to myself concerning Turner and calling Rivers a wash so I’ll count this as a miss despite the fluke of injury.

Hines Ward (fourth) on the other hand proved me oh so right and beyond. He doubled the yards I said to write him down for as “certain” delivery. I thought he’d go over 100 but dang he was good.

- Vincent Jackson (21st) and Mohamed Massaquoi (27th) were both very poor in production this week. Jackson had a first half TD that saved  his weekend.

TEs (1-2)
- Jeremy Shockey (eighth) proved to be a decent bye week fill in. Chris Cooley (11th) also took advantage of a heavy TE bye week to find himself as a TE1. Dustin Keller (23rd) can officially be dropped in all leagues.

Mark Sanchez’s regression has been very fast and I wouldn’t expect anything more than huge off and on weeks from the once viable TE.

So for the week, 13-6 is not as good as I would have liked. I was a VJax TD and Donnie Avery injury away from 15-4 which would have been much nicer. All this goes to show how valuable TDs are to WRs.

100 yard games from Donald Driver, Sim-Walker and Andre Johnson were “topped” by WRs who were able to get the ball in the red zone.

Is it appropriate to start thinking of WRs in terms of TD heavy every week? In a full PPR, I would say no but in anything less, I would say yes (rhyme not intentional).