Justin Fargas: Heart Of Raiders Offense.

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IOctober 20, 2009

Yes, I said it Justin Fargas is the heart and soul of the Raiders offense. He leads by example with determination and intensity.

What was it that helped the Raiders offense to there 1st 300 plus yard game since playing the Chargers in the Monday Night opener? It wasn't some young talented player who just joined the Raiders or anything new at all. It is something that the Raiders have had for years. The relentless running style of Justin Fargas.

During the off-season alot of fans debated whether we should start Darren Mcadden or Michael Bush.

What about Justin Fargas?

After Sundays performance against the Eagles all I have to say is: Darren who? Michael who?

Right now I want Justin Fargas. Not only has Fargas earned the right to carry the load by being the only Raider runner with a 1000+ yard season and two "Commitment to Excellence Awards." But he has just shown us why he still deserves to carry the load with his recent performance and determination.

What better way to establish dominance and inspire an offense than by watching defenders slow to get up or hobbling to the sideline after being involved in a Justin Fargas collision.

Fargas doesn't even need the ball to punish defenders as apparent by the brutal block he put on Victor Abiamiri in a blitz pickup. Victor didn't return to the game and the block allowed Russell to get the ball to Gary Russell for a first down.

Prior to that Fargas's brutal running style resulted in Asante Samuel leaving the game after attempting to tackle Fargas on an 11 yard swing pass.

Not only did Fargas show his worth with hard running but he quieted his critics not only running inside but succeeding outside as well. When the o-line can seal the edge for Fargas to get outside expect a long day and plenty of aspirin for apposing DBs.

Justin Fargas is the Raiders best running back. Who cares if he isn't the biggest or the fastest he is the best because his effort and determination are un-matched.