Sherman Lewis: Good Life for Him at the Redskins

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IOctober 20, 2009

DETROIT- NOVEMBER 28:  Special assistance-offense coach Sherman Lewis of the Detroit Lions watches his team play the New England Patriots on November 28, 2002 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. The Patriots won 20-12. (Photo by Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images)


What immediately comes to mind about Sherman Lewis calling plays for Washington is not if the offense will improve, or whether Jason Campbell will be included in the plans , or if he’ll be the interim when Zorn is fired in a few weeks.

It’s about how lucky he is to be working for this team.

Even Parker Lewis couldn’t get it this perfect. Sherman Lewis is in the optimum win-win situation. He is being handsomely paid for a gig that, up until today, he could’ve cared less about having. He was content calling numbers in a bingo hall until Daniel Snyder Googled “Who was Mike Holmgren’s offensive coordinator at Green Bay?”

If he improves the unit, he’s hailed as an offensive genius and a hero.

And that’s not hard to do, because all the team has to do is score more than 20 points, win or lose. If he gets them winning a few games against brutal competition in November, fans are likely to scream for him to be the next head coach.

And why shouldn’t they? If Holmgren is giving Snyder the talk-to-the-hand move, then why not get his best-known extra set of eyes?

And if Lewis fails, no one can blame him. They’ll blame Campbell, Clinton Portis , the lack of development by the young receivers. They’ll blame Daniel Snyder and his interfering, Vinny Cerrato for not resigning the easiest GM job in football , and the media.

But they won’t blame Lewis.

He can win, he can lose, but he can can leave or stay in Washington with his pockets and his pride straight.

This team is so erratic from the top down that you never know how the saga of ineptitude will play out through the season. But you do know that Sherman Lewis will emerge from this whole affair with an outcome that would make the wiliest bingo player blush.

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