MC's NFL Power Rankings After Week Six

Matt CullenAnalyst IOctober 20, 2009

NEW ORLEANS - OCTOBER 18:  Drew Brees #9 of the New Orleans Saints runs onto the field during player introductions before playing the New York Giants at the Louisiana Superdome on October 18, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Every week that goes by during the NFL season we learn more about each team, I think.

The Broncos were a team that got lucky against the Bengals and then merely just beat two bad teams; now they seem primed to get a first round bye.

The New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens looked like front runners in the AFC early one; they now each have lost three games in a row and the Jets lost NT Kris Jenkins for the year.

The Patriots offense led by Tom Brady were somewhat out of sync and were not going to look like their old selves this season, they just beat the Titans by 59 points...

I just got a headache. I'll just come out with my Week Six power rankings and wait for the inevitable and radical changes. in the coming week.

The Arizona Cardinals made the biggest jump in the standings going from 18th to 12. The New York Jets fell the hardest going from 8th to 16th.!

1. New Orleans Saints- They can throw the ball over the lot (See the Giants and Eagles games), run teams off the field (See the Bills game), and the defense can get scores of their own and win games (See the Jets game). What's not to love about this team? Previous ranking: 4

2. Minnesota Vikings- First 6-0 start of Brett Favre's career but the schedule is starting to get tougher starting with a match-up in Pittsburgh and a rematch with the Packers in Lambeau. Previous ranking: 2

3. Indianapolis Colts- Expect another 300 yard game for Mr. Peyton Manning at St. Louis next week fresh off a bye. Previous ranking: 3

4. Denver Broncos- I do a double take nearly every time I see the Broncos on defense after how abysmal they were last year. The Broncos have given up just ten total points all year in the 2nd half. Previous ranking: 5

5. New York Giants- The Giants in my opinion have a very average secondary that they have been able to get by with because they consistently get a lot of pressure on opposing QBs. The showing they put up against the Saints just won't do, especially against someone as potent as Drew Brees. Previous ranking: 1

6. New England Patriots- That 59 point shellacking against the Titans was shades of the 2007 Patriots. That's certainly not a good sign for the rest of the AFC. Previous ranking: 9

7. Atlanta Falcons- After delighting fantasy owners last week, RB Michael Turner put up a stink-bomb against the Chicago Bears. Big defensive plays in the red zone however allowed the Falcons to prevail. Previous ranking: 10

8. Cincinnati Bengals- Cedric Benson looked more like the Cedric Benson of old and on defense they were torched by Matt Schaub and the Houston Texans passing game. There would be no pulling that game out in the last minute. They will also now miss DE Antwan Odom for the rest of the season who had eight sacks already. Previous ranking: 7

9. Philadelphia Eagles- 60 plays on offense, 46 of them passing plays as the Eagles lost to what had looked like an Oakland Raiders squad without a single redeeming quality on the field. As frustrating as that must be for Eagles fans, it's not a first from this team. Previous ranking: 6

10. Pittsburgh Steelers- A 400 yard game this week for Ben Roethlisberger and a QB rating of over 100, Ben is starting to look like a credible fantasy starter again a la the 2007 season. Previous ranking: 13

11. Green Bay Packers- Even if it was the Lions without Matthew Stafford or Calvin Johnson, the Green Bay Packers finally played like they should have played. They completely shut the down the Lions on offense, controlled the ball for over 40 minutes, and got a stellar game from Aaron Rodgers. Previous ranking: 15

12. Arizona Cardinals- Kurt Warner lights up another defense, this time without a 2nd half collapse from the Cardinals defense. Previous ranking: 18

13. Chicago Bears- Two turnovers in the red zone did the Bears in, tough losses in Atlanta back-to-back years now for them. Previous ranking: 12

14. Dallas Cowboys- The Cowboys got a week off to get rid of the stench from that ugly win in Kansas City. Next week will be tougher as they take on the 4-1 Atlanta Falcons. Previous ranking: 16

15. San Francisco 49ers- Another team that got an extra week to recover from a bad performance, a 35 point loss at home. Do not expect a repeat performance from this group or Mike Singletary might take off more than his pants. Previous ranking: 17

16. New York Jets- Once the Bills finally tied it, it was obvious that Thomas Jones would have to break off a huge run or the Jets defense would need a score of their own. I don't care how many chances Mark Sanchez could have gotten, he wasn't going to do anything. Previous ranking: 8

17. Baltimore Ravens - Brutal loss for the Ravens after a great comeback in the 4th quarter. Joe Flacco deserves better. Previous ranking: 11

18. Houston Texans- That was a big win for the popular preseason sleeper pick, snapping the Bengals four game winning streak as the passing attack went wild. Previous ranking: 20

19. San Diego Chargers- Hopes for retaining their division crown are getting close to over already. Previous ranking: 14

20. Miami Dolphins- Congratulations Chad Henne for winning your first two starts in the NFL. Your reward is an extra week to think about the beating your Dolphins will be given at the hands of Drew Brees. Previous ranking: 19

21. Seattle Seahawks - A 17 point loss at Indianapolis was followed by a 41 point win at home and then a 24 point loss. I have little idea what to think of the 2009 Seattle Seahawks. Previous ranking: 21

22. Jacksonville Jaguars- I don't want to seem like the BCS and stress style points, but you can only move up so much after an overtime win against the Rams. Previous ranking: 23

23. Carolina Panthers- The Carolina Panthers ran the ball, ran the ball, and then ran the ball some more for good measure against the Buccaneers. 48 carries for 267 yards and three TDs in all. They did a fine job of saving Jake Delhomme from himself. Previous ranking: 24

24. Oakland Raiders- Two interceptions thrown by JaMarcus Russell, but he can at least be happy about completing over 50% of his passes and averaging over ten yards per completion. And a win of course too helps heal past wounds. Previous ranking: 26

25. Buffalo Bills - This came with a win but for the 2nd straight week the Buffalo Bills were apart of a truly miserable game. In a related story, Terrell Owens punched through his car's windshield after the game. Previous ranking: 27

26. Washington Redskin s- Head coach Jim Zorn was stripped of play-calling duties after this most recent loss to a previously win-less team. Does he get a high chair and a pacifier at least? Previous ranking: 22

27. Detroit Lions- On the bright side, the Lions definitely made the right decision in starting Matt Stafford in the beginning of the year. Whether it was Daunte Culpepper or Drew Stanton in the game there was little positive from the Lions offense on Sunday. Previous ranking: 28

28. Cleveland Browns- A slightly less miserable performance from Derek Anderson was countered with a much more miserable result. You just can't expect to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers ever with his numbers. They still move up a spot though thanks to an incredibly awful performance from Tennessee. Previous ranking: 29

29. Kansas City Chiefs-   Kudos to the Kansas Chiefs for getting their first win of the season after a rough overtime loss the prior week...Even if it came against a team that appears to have forfeited their season. Previous ranking: 30

30. Tennessee Titans- Jeff Fisher needs a hug, perhaps a few even. Previous ranking: 25

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -  Even with the personnel in place, it feels so surreal to see a Jim Bates defense this bad. Previous ranking: 31

32. St. Louis Rams- Why did Rush Limbaugh even desire owning this team? Previous ranking: 32


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