New York Giants: The Honeymoon Is Over

JerseySenior Analyst IOctober 18, 2009

After twin 5-0 starts, the Giants and Super Freaks have lost in Week Six. Actually, I still have Nate Kaeding going for me tomorrow, but unless he gets 38 points, the Freaks are 5-1.

The Giants' game is more concerning, so I'll address that second. The fantasy game was mostly the result of unfortunate bye weeks. Ronnie Brown, my top arby, was off. Dallas Clark, the best tight end in the league, was also off. Tony Romo was off, but he's part of a three-kyubie rotation anyway, so he wasn't a critical bye. But he was a bye nonetheless, and he was the first quarterback I selected.

Matt Hasselbeck was supposed the slaughter Arizona's worst-ranked pass defense. He was horrible. But he's my third of three quarterbacks. Not a critical member of the team.

LeSean McCoy got but one point against the smelly Raiders, but he's not a regular starter either. Kevin Smith was bad, and he's a concern I guess. But Randy Moss was unbelievable and Andre Johnson was really good, and although Cedric Benson underachieved against the Texans, he wasn't bad. I'm not worried about my team. They're good, and this week was an aberration.

But the Giants...oh the Giants. Sure, they were 5-0, and they'd looked unbeatable. Yeah, their competition was...nonexistent. But how they'd crushed them! They flattened the Chiefs, they murdered the Raiders! The Saints would be tough, but so are the G-Men, right?!


The offense was actually pretty good. No joke. They scored a bunch of points, and despite a couple of turnovers, didn't struggle much in this game. They may not have been a juggernaut, but the Saints actually have a good defense, and the Giants showed their O is for real.

The defense...well, that's a different story.

Let's be frank: If the Giants can't slow down Drew Brees, let alone stop him, there's no way they can win the Super Bowl. It's that simple. If a guy can make you look stupid, you're not going to beat him.

Remember two years ago, when the Giants lost to the Patriots in Week 17, but beat them in the Super Bowl? They weren't decimated in that game! Brady looked at least human, and even if he did ultimately beat them, it was a GAME. That's why it wasn't the end of the world when they beat them in the Super Bowl.

But they had absolutely no answer for Brees today. I know they have injuries. But this was sad. Really, really sad.

The good news is the offense is for real. It got lost in the debacle, but it's important to remember. They're not a fluke team that can only beat the scrubs. They ARE legit. The defense needs some serious work, though.

They won't give up 48 points to EVERY good offense, but they're putting a lot of pressure on Eli Manning and co. if they allow close to that. The defense is penetrable. And they need to fix that immediately, as the schedule isn't getting any easier.