Recent Colts News Rains on Team's Fast Start

Nick SouthCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2009

GLENDALE, AZ - SEPTEMBER 27:  Quarterback Kurt Warner #13 of the Arizona Cardinals pushes back Ed Johnson #92 of the Indianapolis Colts to avoid a sack in the first quarter during the game at University of Phoenix Stadium on September 27, 2009 in Glendale, Arizona. The Colts defeated the Cardinals 31-10.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

You ever have a day where you don't feel sick, but you don't exactly feel well either?

That's been me all day.

Maybe it's the weather. It's been that kind of cold, wet day that just gets into your bones.

It could be work. Somehow I have a stack of papers to grade that's rapidly approaching Rocky Mountain size proportions.

But I really think it's been the news coming from the Colts lately that has me feeling less than perfect.

After all, don't we all live and die by our sports teams.

Three days ago, just three little days, Colts fans were celebrating a win over their rival, the Tennessee Titans. Everyone was riding into break on a natural high, the kind you get when your team is 5-0 and looking like a Super Bowl front runner.

Since then, the news coming from Indianapolis has been, frankly, a bit of a buzz kill.

First, there's Peyton Manning's knee. After 2008, I would have been perfectly happy spending the rest of my life never hearing anything about Manning's knee again. But against the Titans, Manning got his knee dinged. Now it's sore.

I'm positive that sore to Manning probably doesn't mean the same thing as it does to me. I imagine that something Manning considers sore would prompt me to want to stay home and sleep on the couch for the day.

Just how sore is it? Is this a one to two week soreness, or something that will affect Manning's play for the rest of the season? When the words medical procedure and knee are tossed around, you'll forgive me if I get a bit jittery.

With a bye this week, and a virtual second one the following week against the Rams, it's at least a silver lining that this sore knee has time to heal.

Then, there's Adam Vinatieri. Vinatieri has had a strong start to his season, so it's disappointing to hear that he'll miss a month or two recovering from knee surgery.

His replacement? Matt Stover. Apparently Bill Polian was challenged to find a kicker even older than Vinatieri. He's a pretty reliable kicked inside the 40, but obviously doesn't have the leg to make long kicks now that he's 41 years old.

Silver lining this time? Vinatieri no longer is asked to do kickoffs. Rookie Pat McAfee has been handling that job nicely. However, if a clutch kick is needed in the next two months, especially against teams like New England and Baltimore, wouldn't you feel better if Vinatieri was back on the field by then?

The final bit of news may be the most disturbing, and it's certainly the most bizarre.

The Colts released Ed Johnson yesterday. Today, they announced that his release was based on his lack of performance on the field, and not because of any off-field problems that led to his release in 2008.

Manning and Vinatieri's situations are injuries. Injuries happen and there's really little that can be done about that. However, the Johnson situation seems perplexing.

He hasn't performed, yet he's been in the starting lineup of a defense that has made tremendous strides since its dubious performance against the Dolphins in week two.

He hasn't performed, yet he was never taken out of the starting lineup. He goes from starter to unemployed in an instant.

Sure, they needed to make room for Stover. You would have thought Chad Simpson would have been back on the cutting block...again. Poor Simpson's locker must be a folding table with an erasable nameplate.

Why upset the balance of a high performing defense by cutting a big body that's part of a strong rotation. Is there something here that we don't know? Either rookie Fili Moala is ready for prime time, or the Colts are being polite by giving Johnson what amounts to an honorable discharge.

Maybe all this news is nothing more than that. Just news. Something to fill up our blogs and inboxes while we shuffle through the long bye week.

I just know I'll feel better when the Colts take the field again, and prove that not a drop of momentum has been lost from that last start.