Washington Redskins: Homecoming Team

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Washington Redskins: Homecoming Team
(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

It's official. The Washington Redskins are now everybody's favorite homecoming team, the soft spot on the schedule for the likes of Kansas City.

Just yesterday, I wrote that the Redskins were a team on the brink of greatness. All that was needed was for the owner to go public with a statement of faith and confidence in his team.

A segment of fans wouldn't believe it. It's like your dad saying he believes in you. He has to say that, but he's your dad. You can't believe in yourself if the big guy doesn't believe too. You try harder because you don't want to let the old man down.

The Redskins need to play over their heads this season. They might have Sunday, if the owner showed real leadership.

Daniel Snyder did not just fail this test. It was an epic failure.

We all understand an owner has to say something positive. We all understand that a lot of these players won't be here past December. That's always true. Snyder sabotages his own efforts to win. Only this time, he's strangling his effort to lure a big name coach to replace Jim Zorn, too.

Can any blue chip head coach candidate believe the owner will have his back when the going gets tough? It's pro football. The going is always tough. unless your name is Gibbs, Snyder will always fold.

Snyder is likely to blow-up the Redskins and make significant football decisions again. Snyder will blow it again.

Did Snyder really try to replace Zorn three games into the season? Yes, according to reports that he twice approached Mike Shanahan about the coaching "vacancy."

I wonder if that approach reminded Shanahan of Al Davis, who fired him as Los Angeles Raiders coach after four games in 1989?

Shanahan won two Super Bowls in his first three seasons as Broncos coach. That must excite Snyder, who won't consider that Shanahan was working with John Elway at quarterback.

Shanahan never returned to the big dance with Elway or Jay Cutler, once the object of Snyder's affection. Denver is off to a 4-0 start without Shanahan. Maybe Pat Bowlen was on to something about Shanahan and Cutler.

So Snyder is after another team's castoff, again.

Would any blue chip candidate share thoughts and strategies to rebuild the team after watching Snyder's treatment of Jim Fassel last year?

Snyderrato mined all the good ideas from Fassel, then left him dandling, as he did  Gregg Williams, while Synder sweet talk Steve Spagnuolo and other candidates.

Why exactly did Steve Spagnuolo wait for the chance to coach the Rams instead of the Redskins?

This is Jim Zorn's future. He will be gone by, or before, the end of the season. There's no shame in being fired by Daniel Snyder and Zorn will be thankful Snyder let him add "head coach" to his resume when no one else did.

Zorn will get a gig somewhere as offensive coordinator, then be hired a season or two later as head coach somewhere else.

Then, Zorn will bring his team to FedEx Field and beat the Redskins, just like his predecessors Marty Schottenheimer and Norv Turner.  

The Redskins scored 17 points while losing to the Panthers. The Kansas City Chiefs, Washington's next opponent, scored 20 points while losing to the Cowboys. The Chiefs can't wait to get to ole DC. The Skins are the cure for what ails them.

It's their homecoming game. 

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