The JaMarcus Russell Saga: Make the Bad Man Stop

Brandon BaytopsContributor IOctober 8, 2009

My love for the Raiders never comes and goes. However, I am at my tipping point with the inabilities of our strong armed quarterback. There are qualities about him that I like: the arm strength of course, the fact that he seemingly stays so calm in the post game sessions. But with that second remark I feel like this guy is a little too laid back. I don't believe he has any type of work ethic because he is so lax. I don't feel he spends any (reasonable) time in the film room. For some reason I just don't feel he wants to be any better.

We hear the stories in training camp. The reporters say he is a growing blob, his teammates say he is dedicated and looks ready to go. As a Raider Nationer I would go with the players in hopes he would have his head on straight this season.

I always have a belief that every professional athlete has the potential to do great things. Otherwise, they wouldn't be at that level. Now with JaMarcus, he has amazing arm strength, he's fairly mobile, and he is huge. The bad part about those things was that there wasn't anything else to go on.

The numbers speak for themselves: One touchdown, four int's, and completing a double-taking 40 percent of his passes. And yes, I know what his supporters (if there are any left) would say: He doesn't have anyone to throw to, the offensive line is terrible. The second part is true. He has what every young quarterback needs, a solid tight end and a emerging productive player in Louis Murphy. But there are no excuses for those numbers.

I was one of the last people that felt this guy just needs more time. I'm done, washed my hands and applied the sanitizer. There isn't a glimpse of potential I see anymore. I see strong bullet throws to no one. I see someone who just doesn't want to put the work in. He has the tools, no doubt, but again, he is a professional athlete. And those who are given freakish tools either sharpen them, or are doomed to fall off the face of the sports planet.

Of course I wish Russell well. He is still our starting quarterback. I hope that all of what I'm saying and how I feel will be proven wrong. For now, however, I will check my phone for progress while I work every Sunday and hold my breath that Gradkowski will get a shot. Can't do any worse.