2009 NFC West Featured Columnist Competition: Week Four Results

Scotty KimberlyAnalyst IOctober 8, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - OCTOBER 04:  Patrick Willis #52 of the San Francisco 49ers sacks Kyle Boller #12 of the St. Louis Rams during an NFL game on October 4, 2009 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Week Four is in the books of the 2009 NFC West Featured Columnist Competition.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the competition, click here for details and please keep checking back for updates throughout the year! 

The NFC West went 1-2 in Week Four of the NFL regular season, and the only victory came because they were playing each other!

Seattle was dominated, while San Francisco took care of business against the high school team posing as the St. Louis Rams.

Here are the results and honors from Week Four.

Week Four Individual Standings (14 Games)

Rob 14, Chris 13, Andrew 11, Ron 11, Seth 10, Steven 10, Scotty 9, Dray 8

Week Four Team Standings

Arizona 23, Seattle 23, St. Louis 21, San Francisco 19

Season Individual Standings

Andrew 52, Rob 51, Seth 48, Chris 47, Dray 45, Ron 45, Steven 43, Scotty 42

Season Team Standings

San Francisco 97, Seattle 93, St. Louis 93, Arizona 90

Monday Night Football Team Tiebreaker

San Francisco 10, St. Louis 10, Arizona 9, Seattle 9

Pick of the Week—Rob (Jacksonville over Tennessee)

Seven of the eight contestants this week didn't believe that Tennessee was going to look this bad. One contestant, Rob Staton, put his faith in the rebirth of David Garrard... and it worked.

Rob hit this upset on the head, nailing the only Underdog Bonus Pick of the week, and launching him into first place for the week.

Fail of the Week—Scotty (St. Louis over San Francisco)

It looked good in my head... I swear.

Frank Gore was out, Shaun Hill has never been a dominant quarterback, and Kyle Boller actually looked like more than a practice dummy in Week Three. Despite all this, Patrick Willis and 'Niners D dominated the Rams and thoroughly destroyed any pride I had left.

For anyone who was wondering why I'm in last place...

Hot Streak—Rob and Chris (13/14 Correct Picks)

Rob and Chris nearly aced week four. Each missed only one game, and both jumped up a few pegs in the standings.

Rob trusted the Cowboys, who consequently let him down, while Chris was drinking the Tennessee Titans kool-aid that everyone not named Rob fell victim to.

Good week, gentlemen.

Struck Out Swinging—Dray (8/14 Picks Correct)

There wasn't really a bad pick among Dray's week four selections. Tennessee sank a lot of contestants, Baltimore was a split decision, the Jets were a sexy pick, Buffalo looked good in week one, Dallas was favored, and the Bucs nearly pulled off the win against Washington...

That being said, it truly was a swing and a miss. Lots of good swings, but just no contact...

What Might Have Been—Ron and Seth (Had Cleveland won in overtime against Cincinnati)

The St. Louis Rams 2009 season hasn't exactly been a cakewalk. In week four, Cleveland had a chance to turn the fortunes around for St. Louis. Not on the field, but for their contestants in this competition.

This game could have been the biggest competition-changer we would see all year. 

If Cleveland wins, both Ron and Seth land Underdog Bonus points, while the rest of the competition loses a point per person. The result: St. Louis jumps up four points, while every other team falls back two. Suddenly, St. Louis is in first place by two points over San Francisco, enjoying a 25-point week, with its nearest competition netting 21 points.

Wow... What might have been?

Diversity Day!

It's been four weeks of competition, and each team has already finished in first place for one week. San Francisco (weeks two and three), St. Louis (week one), Arizona (week four), and Seattle (week four) have all finished a week either holding the lead or a share of it.

At least every team has had a bright spot somewhere along the way.

Four different men (Andrew, Rob, Seth, and Dray) have held all or a share of the individual high-score, while Chris, Ron, Steven, and Scotty are waiting for their moment to strike...

Consistently Mediocre

Each week has featured a single-digit scoring effort from one of the contestants. Scotty (nine points in Week One), Steven (eight points in Week Two), and Ron (nine points in Week Three) have contributed thus far.

No change of pace in week four, as Scotty (9 points) and Dray (8 points) continued the tradition...

Note: There were two less games this week. Had Scotty and Dray missed the same amount of games in a 16-game week, they would have finished with 11 and 9, respectively. At least there is a little silver lining..

That's it for Week Four. Chip in on what you think.


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