Survivor Picks, Week 3

Mike MacGregorContributor ISeptember 26, 2009

SAN DIEGO - SEPTEMBER 20:  Ray Rice #27 of the Baltimore Ravens carries the ball against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium on September 20, 2009 in San Diego, California. The Ravens defeated the Chargers 31-26.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Wow, bad week last week in survivor pools across the nation. In mine, we lost a little less than half of the entries and had the Washington Redskins dropped their close game against the lowly St. Louis Rams, it would have been over 70% ousted in Week 2. Week 3 has to be better, right? Right...

Well, for those who did live on to see another day, here are some picks to consider this week, in more or less order of preference. Note of course, these are for entertainment purposes only.

Baltimore Ravens over Cleveland Browns - In Week 1, the Browns gave Minnesota a bit of a "run" (no pun intended) for half a game before Adrian Peterson ran roughshod over them. Last week Denver dumped them 27-6, as the Browns offense still looks a lot like the latter half of last season when touchdowns were a rare - very rare - occurrence. The Ravens defense certainly hasn't been dominant as expected. They are giving up points but still holding opposing rushers to next to nothing. Making matters worse for the Browns, RB Jamal Lewis may sit out this game due to injury. Can Brady Quinn score enough points to keep pace with the Ravens offense, that is clicking both on the ground and through the air? Doubtful, very doubtful. Feel confident with the Ravens as the best pick on the board this week.

Philadelphia Eagles over Kansas City Chiefs - This is a bit of a riskier call, because the Eagles injury report is on the long side. Donovan McNabb is not expected to play, putting Kevin Kolb under center for his second career start. Brian Westbrook is questionable but expected to play. The Eagles did get drubbed last week, but the way the Saints offense is firing right now there is no shame in that. The Eagles simply overmatch the Chiefs right now on both offense and defense. Look at it this way... the Chiefs had an almost 39 to 21 minute time of possession advantage over the Raiders last week, had more first downs 25 to 11, more yards 409 to 166 and played against a QB, JaMarcus Russell (you knew who I was talking about), who completed less than 30% of his passes, and lost the game, at home. And this team is going to go into Philly and knock off the Eagles? I don't think so. Go with the Eagles for the win.

Green Bay Packers over St. Louis Rams - Yes, I am a glutton for punishment even thinking about putting the Packers up here as a choice, after they caused so much survivor carnage last week losing to the Bengals. There is no doubt, the Packers have some serious pass protection problems. Five sacks for Antwan Odom a week ago? While I may give some benefit of the doubt to Odom improving in the off-season, 5 sacks in a single game improvement? His previous season high was 8 back in 2007. Leonard Little and Chris Long could have a big day if the Packers don't smarten up and fix that offensive (literally offensive) line. They could even be in line to jar the ball loose, pick up a fumble for a score. The thing is, that might be the only way the Rams have a hope of staying in this game. The offense is that bad. With 7 points scored through 2 games, they may not be capable of dropping 14 points on the Packers. Even with the protection issues, the Packers have an explosive offense that is good for 20+, and likely more, against the Rams. Plus the Packers defense is earning turnovers and producing points themselves. Packers win, and for the sake of multiple fantasy teams of mine, here is hoping Aaron Rodgers takes a week off from too many big hits.