Michael Crabtree Is Tampered Goods

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Michael Crabtree Is Tampered Goods
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for ESPY)

Michael Crabtree, because he was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers, is exclusively to negotiate with the Niners. The Jets (allegedly) are not a fan of this policy.

This seems extremely unlikely. If it happened, the Jets are officially the dumbest organization in football (other than the Raiders, which I believe is a given).

Connect the dots with me. The Jets are a fan of Crabtree's. The 49ers and him are not coming to an agreement, so the Jets express an interest in trading for his rights and signing him. No problem here.

Reports are, however, that the Jets talked with Crabtree and tried to woo him. This just doesn't make sense on any level. It is up to the 49ers to trade him, Crabtree does not have an official say.

I guess the goal would be that Crabtree's camp pushes for a trade with the Jets. I don't know why the Jets would think that would work. Clearly Crabtree's crew hasn't convinced the 49ers to do anything they want them to do so far. Why would it change with this trade?

So the Jets try to convince a player to have his team trade him when the player can't even convince the team that drafted him in the FIRST ROUND to sign him seems unlikely. If it is true, the New York Jets would be proven to be the NFL's intellectual equilivant of a Bret Michaels reality show slu... contestant.

Again, I find this incredibly hard to believe. Why would the Jets break the rules, taking a high profile risk, to tamper with a player that has little say in his own future.

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