My Weekly Rant; Sapp Yappin at The Mouth

Mike WoodsCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2009

BURBANK, CA - MARCH 01:  Former NFL player Warren Sapp appears onstage at the Comedy Central roast of Larry The Cable Guy at Warner Bros. Studios on March 1, 2009 in Burbank, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Sometimes inspiration can come from the smallest things, at the most unexpected times. I have been inspired recently to start my own thought of the week which I will call the weekly rant. This will consist of mainly anything that bugs me in regards to the Oakland Raiders, the media, the NFL as it pertains to the Oakland Raiders, and any combination of the three. First up, Mr. Warren Sapp.

If you guys didn't get the chance to catch inside the NFL this week, here's what you missed. According to Sapp, here's what he thinks of the Oakland Raiders and their season.

"Its absolutely over." "Write 'em off." "They play worse when they have confidence."

Wait, now this is a free country last time I checked, and freedom of speech is a constitutional right, but I reserve the right to call out craziness when it's laid out in front of me.

Sapp, in his own right, has never been a guy to bite his tongue. In a way he gets a lot of respect for that and he doesn't let mainstream media change him up. However, since when did it become cool to bash your former team on national television?

Sapp's hatred for the Raiders organization is not a mystery to anyone. He once called the Raiders an embarrassing and dysfunctional organization.

He clowned the Raider front office, their handling of JaMarcus Russell and the drafting of players in an interview done with ESPN radio, laughing stock I believe was what he called them.

However, it wasn't always this way. When Warren signed with the Raiders in 2004 it was cheers, tears, and beers for fans as they got a seven time Pro Bowl defensive tackle, on the downside of his career non the less, but still effective.

Per reporter Peter King of, that marriage quickly turned sour when Sapp and team owner Al Davis couldn't agree on the direction of the team, young players, more specifically Tommy Kelly started to tune him out and he couldn't get through anymore.

It's evident that Sapp's wounds still haven't healed from his time in Oakland, and maybe they never will. However, publicly bashing your former team and airing out dirty laundry will not fix what's broken.

Sapp will always be that special lineman that fans will remember, but let it be for what he's done on the field and not what comes out of his mouth.