MC's NFL Power Rankings After Week 1

Matt CullenAnalyst ISeptember 15, 2009

HOUSTON - SEPTEMBER 13:  Quarterback Mark Sanchez #6 of the New York Jets gives the game ball to a fan after his 24-7 win over the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium on September 13, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

It was a very interesting Week 1 in the NFL, though I would probably saying that no matter what happened...Unless of course a massive tornado took down every stadium resulting in every game being cancelled, then I surely would have been disappointed.


Here's a couple notes I'd like to point out as far as the biggest changes I have made from last week.



  • The Houston Texans were the highest ranked team to drop their first game. (9th)
  • The Denver Broncos were the lowest raked team to win their first game. (25th)
  • The New York Jets made the highest climb in the rankings. (From 22nd to 13th)
  • The Houston Texans had the biggest fall in the rankings. (From 9th to 16th)


Now for the full rankings-



1. Pittsburgh Steelers- I expected more from Willie Parker and the loss of Troy Polamalu is disconcerting but the champs pulled out a tough game and deserve to retain the top spot. Previous ranking: 1


2. New York Giants- Doubt about the passing game is certainly not gone for good, but Eli Manning had a solid opening game spreading the ball around and Osi Umenyiora made an immediate impact after missing a full season. Previous ranking: 2


3. San Diego Chargers- Three seasons into Norv Turner's reign and it appears that we may still get the same underachieving Chargers for the first part of the year. Previous ranking: 3


4. Philadelphia Eagles- Bad news: Donovan McNabb appears to be out of Philadelphia's next game against New Orleans. Good news: Jeff Garcia is back hoping there is still some magic leftover from 2006. Plus, they just went into Carolina and murdered a team that was 7-1 at home last season. Previous ranking: 4


5. New England Patriots- I expected them to take some more chances down field even with Brady being rusty but they pulled this one out. One down, 18 to go. Previous ranking: 5


6. Green Bay Packers- We know the offense should be fine, the questioned defense that switched to the 3-4 in the off-season looks good so far. Previous ranking: 6


7. Indianapolis Colts- Dating back to the beginning of last season now, the Colts have won eight of their last nine in games decided by less than a touchdown. It doesn't matter how pretty the wins are but Peyton Manning in the gang keep pulling out all of the nail biters. Previous ranking: 7


8. Minnesota Vikings- With the way Brett Favre broke down at the end of last season, we knew it was up the Vikings to take care of business early in the season with a soft schedule. So far so good. Previous ranking: 8


9. Baltimore Ravens- One of the biggest surprises on Sunday was just how solid Kansas City Chiefs QB Brodie Croyle looked against that highly acclaimed defense. Previous ranking: 10


10. New Orleans Saints- What happens when a special QB like Drew Brees matches up against an especially bad Detroit Lions team? Over 350 yards and six TDs happen. Previous ranking: 11


11. Dallas Cowboys- Too early to say for sure but the offense looks A-OK without Terrell Owens; the departure of Greg Ellis seemed to show, however, as they struggled to pressure Byron Leftwich. Previous ranking: 12


12. Atlanta Falcons- As of now, the Atlanta Falcons defense has made me look like a fool. Previous ranking: 15


13. New York Jets- Now going from a defense that proved me wrong in the first week to an offense that proved me wrong in the first week. Why even bother with these because it seems like I have no idea of what I'm talking about? Sanchez looked very good on the road against an improving defense and Thomas Jones looks like a very young 31 years of age. Previous ranking: 22


14. Cincinnati Bengals- That's a tough way to lose a game, but with the talent they have an offense it should not have taken over 59 minutes to score. Previous ranking: 13


15. Arizona Cardinals- When RB Tim Hightower achieves a career high in receptions...In the 2nd quarter...There may be some concern about the health of Kurt Warner unable to throw deep with the WRs in place. Previous ranking: 14


16. Houston Texans- I'm certainly not ready to jump off the bandwagon quite yet, but the Houston Texans to me were by far the most disappointing team in Week 1. Previous ranking: 9


17. Tennessee Titans- Like last year's match-up against the Pittsburgh Steelers, they were able to pressure Ben Roethlisberger without the presence of Albert Haynesworth in the lineup. This time though the Steelers came away with the win. Previous ranking: 17


18. Seattle Seahawks- Nice season debut for Matt Hasselbeck who was hurt much of last season. The Seahawks should exceed the four win total by a lot but just remember that they did just play the hapless St. Louis Rams. Previous ranking: 20


19. Washington Redskins- So far it appears that the Washington Redskins are still unfortunately the worst team in the NFL's best division. Previous ranking: 18


20. San Francisco 49ers- Very nice win to start the season, Mike Singletary has this team playing hard and with discipline. Great showing from the defense facing one of the most explosive offenses in the league last season. Previous ranking: 23


21. Jacksonville Jaguars- Maurice Jones-Drew did not look quite as effective as he has in the past against the Indianapolis Colts but still solid as the Jaguars once again hung in there with their division rivals. Previous ranking: 21


22. Chicago Bears- Jay Cutler still showed the nasty habit of turning the ball over but the huge blow came with Brian Urlacher announcing that he would miss the rest of the season. Previous ranking: 16


23. Carolina Panthers- I made the prediction last week that Jake Delhoumme would be benched sometime around Thanksgiving. At this rate it will be much sooner. Previous ranking: 19


24. Denver Broncos- Like the Packers, the Broncos have a defense that struggled mightily last year and switched schemes this season. They also both look very good so far. Previous ranking: 25


25. Miami Dolphins- A very poor start for the Miami Dolphins trying to prove that their 2008 season was not a fluke. Previous ranking: 24


26. Oakland Raiders- Very good effort on both sides of the ball, I'm not convinced yet that they are ready to make any sort of playoff push knowing that San Diego has gotten off to a slow start the last couple of seasons. Previous ranking: 26


27. Buffalo Bills- Is there something about Monday nights that bring out black cats in order to curse the Buffalo Bills? A stunning late game collapse that feels like it could only happen to this team. Previous ranking: 27


28. Kansas City Chiefs- They fired their offensive coordinator a week before the season, they lost their starting QB for the first game, they were facing one of the elite defenses in the league...And the Kansas City Chiefs offense looked pretty solid. Too bad that the defense doesn't hold a candle to them. Previous ranking: 28


29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- They actually move up a spot even with a loss because the offense looked a lot better than I thought they would. Earnest Graham was surprising a non-factor but Cadillac Williams looks healthy, the offensive line blocked well, and Byron Leftwich looked pretty solid in his first game with a new team. Previous ranking: 30


30. Cleveland Browns- Eric Mangini decided to keep his choice for starting QB a secret for the opening week match-up with the Minnesota Vikings...This would have been intriguing if the Browns were not an awful football team regardless. Previous ranking: 29


31. St. Louis Rams- Even with a defensive guru in Steve Spaguolo in charge, it appears that it will take some time to right this ship. Previous ranking: 31


32. Detroit Lions- One down, 15 to go. Previous ranking: 32


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