Your Honor, Her Name Is Tila Tequila. The Defense Rests

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Your Honor, Her Name Is Tila Tequila. The Defense Rests

"Your Honor. Her name is Tila Tequila. The defense rests."


As disgusted as I was with the whole Shawne Merriman vs Tila Tequila situation, I think it's the funniest thing in the world now.

Tila Tequila has started a Chargers Suck movement on tweeter that's gaining steam.

A woman scorned, huh? Tequila has shown herself to be quite obsessed with attention. She, not Merriman, has been caught lying.

While Ms. Tequila was tweeting about being allergic to alcohol, Fox News was playing clips showing her taking a drink, eye witnesses at Merriman's house and the club were proclaiming to have seen her drinking, and even the cops accused her of drinking.

Any team in the NFL would love to have such a movement against them. When Norv claims "it's us against them," he can pull of Twitter and get the team a little worked up.

Tequila went from potentially being the Chargers own personal Jessica Simpson (well Jessica is 'B' list and Tila is 'D' list), to now leading a crusade of thousands against the Chargers. The ditsy young lady doesn't understand that a coach would pay to have this type of motivational tool at his disposal.

Check out some of her tweets!

officialTila See U on Monday Oakland Raiders! Cuz you KNOW my ass will B there....front row...CHEERING ON THE RAIDERS! POW! See ya bitches! #ChargersSuck


officialTila Hey everyone..looks like @ShawneMerriman is sleeping while the #ChargersSuck stays on trends! Yall better go tell him 2 wake his ass up! LOL

officialTila OOOPS! CORRECTION! @ShawneMerriman cuz #ChargersSuck just moved up to 4th place in trending topics! LMFAO! U guys about to be #1 trend! LOLL

officialTila Hey @ShawneMerriman I wish you the best this season cuz #ChargersSuck is 5th Place on Trending Topics...Coach can't be happy about this!

No. Coach is going to be thrilled about this, because it gives him a motivational topic. An area where he can use all the help he can get.

Raiders fans shouldn't be too excited, Tequila was just at a game cheering for the Chargers last week!

If the Chargers look up in the stands and see Tila Tequila wearing an Oakland Raiders jersey next Monday night, expect an extra charge in the Chargers step.

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