Random Thoughts on the 2009 NFL Season

Amy LamareSenior Analyst ISeptember 9, 2009

ORCHARD PARK, NY - SEPTEMBER 03:  Matthew Stafford #9 of the Detroit Lions throws a pass against the Buffalo Bills  at Ralph Wilson Stadium on September 3, 2009 in Orchard Park, New York.  (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Hey Football Fiends!

That long dry period of no real football games (preseason so doesn’t count!) is just about over. Before I post my picks, I have some random thoughts on the season, Favre, Vick, certain rookies and the Detroit Lions.

Brett Favre. Oh man. Hey I get it, I do—he loves the game, its hard to let go and once he retires for good, life as he knows it will change forever. That said, dude is damaging his legacy, looks ridiculous, and is not making any fans in Green Bay by being a part of NFC North rival Minnesota Vikings.

Michael Vick. OK. Sure. Everyone deserves a second chance. I will keep my opinion about his reprehensible unforgivable behavior to a minimum. That said, I so don’t buy the manufactured goodwill there supposedly is between Donovan McNabb and Mike Vick.

And while most pundits are saying the Eagles will vy for the NFC Championship once again this year—I’m not buying it. One thing the Eagles do well is choke. One thing McNabb does well is get injured. And funny that, one thing Mike Vick does well is choke and get injured.

Mark Sanchez has been looking quite impressive behind center for the New York Jets. His poise and calmness belie the fact that he’s a rookie. I’m looking forward to see how he develops this season.

Beanie Wells will be fantastic for the Arizona Cardinals offense. Another weapon to add to Warner’s cache. With Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Dominique Byrd, Steve Breaston, and now Wells? AZ is getting DEPTH, y’all.

Look for the NFC East and the NFC North to be the dominant divisions this year.

Detroit Lions. Last season’s “perfect” zero win season was a thing of tragic beauty. New Head Coach Jim Schwartz will bring change—and wins—to Detroit...it just might not be this year. Installing their #1 overall draft pick Matthew Stafford as the starting QB is a start.

Word has it Stafford has some strong chemistry with third year WR Calvin Johnson.  The Lions have to use Stafford. I mean, they can’t do any worse than last season so why not take all sorts of chances?

Lions coach Jim Schwartz was last the defensive coordinator at Tennessee and has also worked under Bill Belichick when he was at the Browns.

The Lions are the Chicago Cubs of football at this point. And unfortunately they play in what will be one of the two toughest divisions in the NFL this year. 

The best chances the Lions have to rack up one (or more) win this season are:  November 1 vs St. Louis, December 6 against the Bengals, November 22 against the Browns, and December 27 against San Francisco. Unfortunately, another winless season looks like a very distinct possibility.

    I’ll be back on Thursday with my Week One NFL picks!

    -Your Gridiron Goddess