Michael GrassContributor ISeptember 9, 2009

FOXBORO, MA - SEPTEMBER 03:  Richard Seymour #93 of the New England Patriots looks on before the game against the New York Giants on September 3, 2009 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)


The New England Patriots made a move this week, which seemed to surprise not only the fans of the Patriots, but also the media which makes it their business to cover the NFL. What makes it so surprising, is that the 2 teams involved behaved entirely within their own character.


The deal that came down this past weekend was basically the Patriots traded a 5-time Pro Bowl defensive end in Richard Seymour to the Oakland Raiders for not just a player or a simple drat pick, but the Raiders number 1 pick in the draft in 2011. That could actually be the number one pick in the draft for the Pats.


So what was so surprising??? All of us who have followed the Patriots since Bill Belichick has been the coach have seen this play before I am sure. Think back over the last few years, isn't this the same coach who the week of game 1 released Lawyer Milloy. How did that turn out? Oh yea we won the Super Bowl that season. How about when Drew Bledsoe was injured in the 2nd game of a season, who did Bill turn to??? Oh yea that guy named Brady, which seemed to work out just fine since we have won 3 Super Bowls. Think about the acquisitions of Moss(for a 3rdround pick), Vrabel(aquired as a free agent) and a running back like Corey Dillon who helped us win the Super Bowl as well. Now those are just a few examples of how Bill operates the Pats and keeps them in top.


Now it takes 2 people and 2 teams to make a deal in any league, but to me what is even less surprising is how the Raiders made this deal. The Raiders are owned and operated by Al Davis, who in this day and age in the NFL is the equivalent of a dinosaur. There is a litany of personnel moves that Oakland has made in the past 2 years that would make Matt Millen (former GM of the Detroit Lions) cringe. They basically gave Randy Moss to the Patriots for a 3rdround pick 2 years ago, Tommy Kelly a defensive lineman was signed to a large contract as a free agent and has been injured the majority of the time. They made a PUNTER, the highest paid at his position. He makes triple what the next punter makes in the league. Their quarterback, Jamarcus Russell, was suppose to be pushed this training camp. Oakland brought in a veteran in Jeff Garcia, who might be able to groom and assist the young potential star, but what did Oakland do they released him in training camp. Every team does make errors in personnel, but the Raiders seemed to have made an art form of it, they seem to look for the largest way to screw up and go past that as well.


So now knowing the 2 teams involved the trade of Richard Seymour to the Raiders from the Patriots should not be a surprise at all. The Patriots and Raiders behaved like they always do. Seymour is going to make his 3.6 million this season, become a free agent and possibly wind up back with the Patriots. I know that is a long shot, but all Bill would have to do is trade him back to the Raiders, I am sure they would be willing to deal again. You know they are thinking, no maybe not!!!