"The Fox" Belichick Divides Bronco Nation

Scotty BoyContributor IAugust 20, 2009

FOXBOROUGH, MA - JUNE 9: Quarterbacks (L-R) Tom Brady #12, Doug Flutie #2, Rohan Davey #6, and Matt Cassel #16 gather around quarterback coach Josh McDaniels during a break at New England Partriots mini-camp on the practice field at Gillette Stadium on June 9, 2005 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)


It’s BroncoMania time again in Denver. Yeah. But unless you don’t read sports, this year is different. The Bronco nation is divided like a big loud town hall meeting!

You will hear a lot more boos in the stadium if the first few games don‘t go well. Josh’s honeymoon’s over even before his first season starts. Is owner Pat Bowlen asleep at the switch or is Jay just a cry baby?

Young Coach "Josh the Jr" McDaniels who some call Josh McFool came in and started rocking the Bronco boat early and hard. First things first. Yes, put their young Pro bowl QB on the trading blocks. Dump Cutler, he‘s a Shanahan protégé. Matt Cassell, his old student, would be his man. Josh needed his "Matt Security Blanket". 

Maybe like Obama, coach Mc Josh is doing too much too early. 

The trade never happened, but the attempt was uncovered and the damage was done. Some say Jay is too sensitive. Nobody knows what happened when Josh and Jay sat across the table this spring, but egos erupted and their chemistry turned into a sour mash. Owner Pat Bowlen tried to “text” Cutler. Sorry Bowlen, texting your Pro Bowl QB is a very minor league, immature way to bring two kids to the table.

Here’s my take: Fox Belichick, probably the best NFL coach, may have dangled Cassell in front of Josh Jr. for a day, and then quickly took him away. Belichick is cunning, he’d like to disrupt other teams. It’s a dirty business and Bronco owner Bowlen could not figure out what was going on.

The fact is, that all of Belichick's Patriot assistant coaches that have become head coaches, including Cleveland’s Crennel and Jets Mangini, have been fired for losing and making bad preseason trades.

Notre Dame’s Weiss is the only exception and he‘s a college coach. Mangini fell hard for Favre. Favre stays only one year, but the Jets lose QB Pennington to Miami. Miami and Pennington make the playoffs! The Jets did not. ND’s Weiss could be fired after this year if he does not win.

My "way out there" thought: Is the "Mr Wiley Coyote" Patriot Belichick polluting the NFL with arrogant coaches that usually end up being fired? Could he be that smart, a sly dog?

I went to last year’s Shanahan’s  practices to see Cutler’s explosive arm and also noticed they were always practicing in shorts. Josh is bringing real defensive fundamentals back to Denver. They are wearing pads and doing real tackling drills in practice!

Big stud RB Peyton Hillis "knocked snot bubbles" running right over bigger Bronco LB Tim Crowder this preseason. Shanahan would have never allowed that. Wouldn't want to hurt anyone.

This could make a difference. Denver was near last in defense last year. Part of the reason was they tackled like AFC West patsies.  

For his "cry baby" part, Cutler with a terrible defense, was No. 3 in the NFL in third-down efficiency, the "money" down. The average NFL team converted 39.5 percent of its third downs; Cutler converted 47.5 percent. 

Last year, Cutler threw for more yards than Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Donovan McNabb, Philip Rivers, Tony Romo and Ben Roethlisberger, to name a few.

Also Cutler guided the second-ranked offense in the NFL and was No.1 in fewest percentage of sacks, with 11 in 627 pass plays. 

Hopefully, the Broncos will not go through the Bubby Brister, Brian “the bottle” Griese 10 year drought looking for another young Pro Bowl QB. Good luck QB’s Kyle Orton and Chris Simms, you could be getting a lot of mean heat in this town.

This year's new Great NFL Soap Opera: Will it be Cutler that succeeds in Chicago or will the Broncos have a winning season? Vote in the poll here.

Stay tuned, it will be a very uncivil war argument in Bronco Nation.