My Top Ten NFL Teams

Carter JohnsonContributor IMay 16, 2008

These are my top ten teams in the NFL as of right now.

1) New England Patriots

2) Indianapolis Colts

3) New York Giants

4) San Diego Chargers

5) Jacksonville Jaguars

6) Seattle Seahawks

7) Tennessee Titans

8) Philadelphia Eagles

9) Cleveland Browns

10) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Yes, I know you think I am just saying the Patriots because I am a Patriots fan. That is true, but there is undeniable evidence to prove it. If you win a record 16 regular games in a row you deserve it, even if you lost in the Super Bowl.

Look for the Patriots to shrug off the post-losing the Super Bowl effect with the reigning MVP and hardly any losses on the roster. Yes, Asante and Gay were losses, but that is nothing Bill Belichick cannot handle. He'll probably just switch some no-name player to become great.

The New York Giants kind of deserve this spot but I do not believe it. I think they got lucky. The Colts are always terrific. Payton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in the league now, behind Tom Brady, of course. The Colts did not lose very many players and will have players returning to the lineup like Marvin Harrison. The Colts have had good starts to the last three years, going undefeated until like Game 10 or 11.

I give the Giants this spot because they won the Super Bowl and all. You can't drop them too far with Eli Manning finally turning into the quarterback he was predicted to be. They did lose some players on defense with Kamika Mitchell and Gibril Wilson, but the bulk of the team is still there.

The Chargers are still on the rise. With Philip Rivers coming off a knee injury, it will be a tough start. But no one can go against LaDainian Tomlinson, the MVP from 2006. He will be big. Look for them to go far, maybe even to the Super Bowl.

The Jags are a great team. David Garrard is a great quarterback with tremendous leadership ability. With the tandem at running back with Jones-Drew and Taylor, they will be hard to beat. They have a stingy defense but lack depth. If the Jags can snag a quality wide receiver, they will be even better.

Now comes the hard part. The last five are a toss up. They can be changed and switched any way you please. Look for the Browns to continue to get better and become an elite team in the league. It is the same with the Titans. Once Vince Young's talent is redefined and he gets some good wide receivers the Titans will be great.

I really believe the AFC has complete control of the NFL, and this will only continue.

Thanks for your time, and leave some comments on what you think.