There's No Crying In Sports... Is There?

Nathan NickellCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2007

If there are two things in life that really make me angry, they're telemarketers and celebrity crybabies. Fortunately for me, I only have to deal with telemarketers on occasion.

But recently, every time I turn on my television there is another athlete vying for public sympathy.  Most recently, Donovan McNabb.

McNabb's statements emphasize one thing and one thing only. Unfortunately for him, it's not what he intended. McNabb's claim that African-American quarterbacks are criticized much more than white quarterbacks has caused people to ponder the topic but only to conclude just how ignorant Donovan is.

Ask Eli Manning, or Joey Harrington who they think gets criticized. Ask Peyton Manning if fans were satisfied before the Colts finally won a Superbowl. Ask Carson Palmer if no one blamed him for getting intercepted with the game on the line, just last week.

McNabb's rant is simply a ploy to disguise his poor play; an attempt to regain America's confidence. Here's a thought Donovan: do it on the field next time.

But McNabb is pretty typical of athletes these days. Drama queens are everywhere, and more seem to pop up each year. Terrell Owens. Kevin Harvick. David Wells. Allen Iverson. That's just a short list.

IconAs a sports fan, this disgusts me. Immensely wealthy athletes are less satisfied than a single mother on welfare these days. Sports have become the second coming of Hollywood and all its drama.

Sports culture has lost all sense of TEAM, and selfishness has taken over. Sports have become a vast community of individuals who care only about fame, stats, and glory.

I can't speak for all sports fans, but I, for one, am beginning to tire of these antics. I lose my love for sports, a little at a time, every time some ignorant athlete does something stupid. At least McNabb isn't facing legal consequences.

There really is no reason for McNabb to complain. He'll still get a paycheck. At least he's not faced with the harsh reality that his love in life is getting harder to swallow with each passing season...