Eugene, Have Some Sympathy for Michael Crabtree

Brian O'FlahertyContributor IAugust 8, 2009

LUBBOCK, TX - NOVEMBER 17:  Wide receiver Michael Crabtree #5 of the Texas Tech Red Raiders makes a pass reception against Marcus Walker #24 of the Oklahoma Sooners in the first quarter at Jones AT&T Stadium on November 17, 2007 in Lubbock, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

My last several articles have related to the Michael Crabtree fiasco, but luckily for the 49ers, I am not the only one.


Crabtree is being torn a new one, all over the media.


They are slicing and dicing him faster than his “ advisers” can say, “we just want 'fair' value.”


“But why should the 49ers be thankful for it? Isn't their new player getting tarnished?”


The 49ers couldn't ask for a better scenario in their contract negotiations.


Every day, as the media focuses on Crabtree and his “greed,” more hot coals get thrown at the feet of Eugene Parker.


Every day, as people lose more jobs, less sympathy is shown for Crabtree.


Every day, as corruption and scandal in the financial world is revealed, there is less sympathy for Crabtree.


Sorry Eugene, but nobody is going to cheer for the hothead who plays a game for a living and is guaranteed to make millions of dollars. Nobody can be sympathetic to the “bonus bailout baby” millionaires trying to claw and scratch and steal every last penny. Not right now.


Scrooge, Madoff, and the Wall Street Ponzi scheme crowd are not very popular figures at the moment.


Eugene Parker is thrusting his client into the “hungry hungry hippo” spotlight; just the place most high-rollers are trying to avoid.


Parker is speculating as to how valuable Crabtree will be in the future. Again, big no no, Mr. Dodo.


Speculators are the millionaires and billionaires who have been bailed out by the little guy. They're not too popular either.


People who make money by scheming and scamming are not the “Masters of the Universe” we once thought they were, and top ten picks who proclaim “mastery” of their game (Peter Warrick) have already proven to be shakers and fakers.


The gig is up.


The “Masters of the Universe” are just a bunch of crooks and cronies.


The “Masters of the College Gridiron” are often-times toxic assets.




Leave Crabtree ALONE!!!” *snip* *snip*


Michael Crabtree is irrelevant to the real conversation.


The fact that his reputation is being tarnished is far more important.


Even if Eugene Parker is forcing Crabtree at gunpoint; the heat is still square on Eugene in the contract negotiations.


Because of his inept understanding of current events and social problems, Eugene Parker now finds himself between a rock and a hard place.


If he holds his client out for the year, his reputation is finished. The media will rip into him like nothing you have ever seen before. My articles will look like they were written by his mother in comparison. In fact Parker and Crabtree's reputations seem to be intertwined.


However, if he agrees to pay Crabtree according to where he was selected in the draft, 10th overall, he will also sully his reputation; because forever after, when “crazy Eugene” talks about crazy money, teams will not bite, because they will know that he is full of hot air.


Regardless of whose idea it was to steal gold from the 49ers, Parker and Crabtree are both on the same course as the Donner Party.



A DHB deal was our last hope.”

No there is another.”


Parker has no leverage, he is toast. The 49ers have all the leverage with the contract, with the media, with the team, and with the fans.


A Heyward-Bey deal would be a wayward way for the 49ers to move at this point.


All the 49ers should do is hold strong, and wait for Eugene to sit on the wall, fall, and crack.


Parker knows that if his client holds out for the year, all the kings horses and all the kings men will not be able to put Eugene or Crabtree's reputations back together again.


But there is another way out for Eugene Parker.


He can get out of this by QUICKLY signing a fair contract with the 49ers, and quickly declaring that all the reports in the media were bogus and false, and have no basis in reality etc.


The sly dog might just save himself and his client's reputations.


Of course, if he chooses the other way; the dark side, his reputation will sour faster than the legendary Poston brother clown duo.


Choose the right path Eugene; but you must do it quickly.


Because your client is being “electrocuted” by the media.


Crabtree: “Agent, me!”


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