New York Giants are Ready for the 2009 Season

Lace BanachekAnalyst IAugust 7, 2009

The New York Giants' former wideouts Burress and Toomer are occupied. Burress is occupied with the court system and he has a due date in September and he will most likely not be able to shirk from this one.

As for Toomer, he is with his new team the Kansas City Chiefs, which is an excellent place for Amani to be at this point in his career. Amani is the veteran receiver in KC, and will be honored as such, as the majority of Chiefs receivers are young and inexperienced (at least to Amani’s standards). For sure those young guys will benefit greatly having him with the organization.

Also the Giants can finally rest after coming to terms with Hakeem Nicks and Eli Manning. It was scary for the fans for they knew that the Giants did not want to lose either of these individuals.

Eli is the Giant QB and although they have a competent backup in David Carr, he is no Eli Manning. Manning will be even more dangerous a passer when they are playing in the new stadium.

He will no longer be battling the terrific wind differential as he had the past four years. Even with the opposing winds Eli was still able to pump out 3,000 yards a season and more touchdowns than interceptions, including a super bowl victory a couple years back.

Giant fans are looking for great things from Eli. Giant fans are also looking for great things from Hakeem Nicks. Sure, Hakeem is an untested rookie but he has a tremendous upside, he has great hands, speed, and vision.

Teams will not be able to double team him and get away with it either as Steve Smith will be all over the field and he has the best hands of any Giant receivers. Plus Boss is back and Tyree less anyone forget just how big a threat he is.

Then there is the other untested wide out Ramses Barden. Ramses is huge, big hands, big body, and big heart. He has the athleticism of a wide out and the strength and size of a tight end. 

This new action for the Giant offense plus some new faces and old faces (all pro bowl types) connecting for the defense has many Giant fans thinking super bowl. Why not this could be the most explosive offense (receiver-wise) the Giants have tabled in many years.

It’s for sure looking interesting and that’s another story.