Raiders Receivers Getting Hot in Camp

Bret ArmstrongAnalyst IMarch 30, 2017

It's full pads, and it's all out action. The Raiders' first full pads training camp opened yesterday, and eyeballs are opening in the passing game.

One receiver who seems to be coming on very strong is Nick Miller (pictured above). San Francisco Gate reporter David White said the young receiver was, "A real Wes Walker look-alike." It is being reported that Miller is catching everything that comes near him.

Miller, a.k.a. "Mr. Darkhorse," is making great grabs in traffic, and stunning the media with his diving heroics. He is also going through some drills with the running backs. Coach Tom Cable said that Miller, "coming in undrafted...has really shined."

Javon Walker has made a strong impression so far as well. Hopping on his bad knee, jumping over blocking dummies, and making sharp S shaped turns all while catching passes from a trainer.

White reported that the Raiders could activate Walker at any time. They are only taking precautionary measures, and Tom Cable met with the trainer to discuss his status after Monday's practice, so stay tuned.

Jerry McDonald, a blog writer for the Bay Area News Group, just reported at 8:41 p.m. EST, that DHB has made eleven consecutive catches in the Raiders' Tuesday afternoon practice. David White tweeted he was running good routes as well.

It is being widely reported that DHB has been dropping balls left and right, but it should also be noted that a.) He is actually in camp, and b.) He is catching just as many as he's dropping.

Chaz Schilens is also said to be having a very strong showing early in camp.  White said, "Chaz looks great."

There is currently not much reporting on Louis Murphey, but as they say, no news is good news. Cable has already decided on Murphey's status as far as we know anyway.

JaMarcus Russell is having a great camp so far, aside from a few sacks. He has been a very vocal leader, and his accuracy issues seem to be dissipating, especially on medium range passes.

Jerry McDonald's last tweet on his twitter page says, "Flawless session by Russell in 7 on 7. Sharp in 17 to 21 yd range to different receivers. Pass to Will Franklin so quick it beats Nnamdi." 

Nnamdi is doing some coaching as well. Tom Cable said Nnamdi has been great with the receivers, "Nam's doing a nice job of teaching them...Sometimes he's running the route for them, their giving it away...what I'm most impressed with is his want to teach them."

Coach Cable indicates that he likes the current receiver squad. While he is making it known that the receivers are able to get into the right formations already, he is also suggesting that it is now time to work on the specifics. Specifics such as depth in route running, and making the correct adjustments on audibles, amongst other receiver essentials.

On another note, Jeff Garcia has yet to practice in pads. He hopes he will be able to go by Thursday's practice.

So far so good in Raiders' camp. I hope they continue to show improvements, and Michael Crabtree continues his holdout. Go Raiders!