Curry Added to Rams Receiving Corps

John MartinContributor IJuly 22, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 30: Ronald Curry #89 of the Oakland Raiders can't catch a pass as Brandon Flowers #24 of the Kansas City Chiefs defends during an NFL game on November 30, 2008 at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Ronald Curry has been added to the Rams receiving corps according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Curry was added in a trade with the Detroit Lions for Orien Harris.

Curry, a seventh round draft pick from North Carolina in 2002, played for the Oakland Raiders from 2002 until his release this past February. He was signed by the Detroit Lions this off-season. After hauling in 62 passes for 727 yards in 2006 and 55 catches for 717 yards in 2007, his performance dropped in 2008 to a pedestrian 191 catches for 181 last season. Although, last season’s performance can be largely attributed to the Raiders nonexistent passing attack.

Despite his numbers last season, the addition of Curry does present some interesting points to consider as the Rams enter training camp. First, Curry will be the most experienced receiver in the Rams receiving corps in years and games played. Second, Curry is a big receiver. At 6’-2” and 210lbs he is the heaviest receiver currently in the running for a starting or back-up position on the final roster and with regards to height, he is only matched by Laurent Robinson.

Currently, the Rams have four receivers competing for the second receiver position behind Avery who would be consider the lead receiver; Keenan Burton, Laurent Robinson, Derek Stanley, and Tim Carter. Burton would have been considered the front runner for the number two receiver position but has seen little time on the field during the OTA’s because of hamstring injury. 

When Laurent Robinson was acquired from the Atlanta Falcons in a draft day trade, he was seen as the primary competitor for Burton during the offseason training activities. Although he has missed the off season workouts, Curry could find himself in the second receiver position at the start of the season.

Curry’s fantasy value in St. Louis is better than Detroit where he would have been behind Calvin Johnson, Bryant Johnson, and Dennis Northcutt. He should be watched in the earlier games of the season and will probably be available on the waiver wire in leagues that are not deep.

Orien Harris was recently acquired from the Rams in a trade with the Cincinnati Bengals for Brian Leonard. Personally, I thought the Bengals got the better end of that deal.  Harris provided some depth at the defensive tackle but didn’t look like he was going to be an improvement over Adam Carriker or Clifton Ryan. 

Kevin Demoff, the VP Football Operations or Billy Devaney must have seen something in Harris, or it was the best deal they could manage for Leonard. I thought Brian Leonard could be a contributor to the Rams organization if they ever decided if he was a running back or fullback. However, I see value in the eventual outcome with the addition of Curry for Leonard (via Orien Harris).