2009 Season Predictions- Dallas Cowboys

Dylan FryContributor IJuly 13, 2009

The 2008 season started with hope of a Super Bowl, but ended with a convincing loss to the Philadelphia Eagles of a score of 44-9. With the multiple injuries and locker room distractions, Jerry Jones promised change in the organization. He kept his promise by releasing key veterans such as T.O and Roy Williams. He also released some players that never belonged in the first place such as Adam “Pacman” Jones. He also added much needed quarterback depth in Jon Kitna. I will go in depth on my predictions for the 2009 season.

Week 1- @ Tampa Bay- Tampa Bay released key veterans this offseason and have hired a new head coach. I believe the Cowboys will easily spoil Raheem Morris’ debut.

Week 2- New York – With this being the first game in Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Sparks should fly, as the NFC East rivals duke it out in Arlington. Since the game is in Arlington, I’m taking the Cowboys over the Giants.

Week 3- Carolina- Jake Delhomme just can’t handle the Dallas pass rush. DeMarcus Ware will have 3 sacks in the game, as the Cowboys roll to victory.

Week 4- @ Denver- Denver traded Jay Cutler this past offseason, so they don’t have a quarterback who can beat Dallas. Denver has a good secondary led by Champ Bailey, so it will be difficult for Dallas to get the passing game going. Cowboys running game should run smooth, so I’m taking Dallas.

Week 5- @ Kansas City- Kansas City’s biggest upgrade has been at quarterback this offseason by acquiring Matt Cassel from New England. But with a horrible offensive line, Dallas’ linebackers should dominate Cassel. Dallas wins.

Week 6- BYE WEEK

Week 7- Atlanta- Putting both of these high powered offenses on the field, this should be a high scoring affair. Our defense will hold Matt Ryan, but not for long. Dallas loses their first game of the season.

Week 8- Seattle- With a very young secondary, Tony Romo should tear the Seahawks apart. It will probably be a close game but Dallas picks up another W.

Week 9- @ Philadelphia- The Eagles will be one of the toughest teams in the league this year. This game being in Philadelphia, Dallas will lose in Philly again.

Week 10- @ Green Bay- Aaron Rodgers will just keep getting better. But like the last two times the teams have met, Dallas should pick up the W again.

Week 11- Washington- This game will be highly contested, with two great running games squaring off. But I don’t think Washington has the defense or passing game to hold the Cowboys down. Mark the Cowboys another win.

Week 12- Oakland- Do I even have to say anything? Cowboys win in a blowout!!!!!

Week 13- @ New York- Dallas will have a harder time with the Giants in the Meadowlands. Eli will tear up the Dallas secondary. Giants win.

Week 14- San Diego- Although this game will be in Dallas, San Diego will have Shawne Merriman back, and possibly a healthy LT. The game will go to overtime but Dallas will lose.

Week 15- New Orleans- Dallas will have a hard time containing Drew Brees but Dallas will pull out a W.

Week 16- @ Washington- This just won’t be Washington’s season, Dallas wins.

Week 17- Philadelphia- This will probably be the greatest game of the year, because I believe this game will decide the NFC East. But December will get to Dallas again, as Dallas will lose a tough game.

My final prediction is that Dallas will go 11-6 with a wild card playoff berth.