Adult Xtreme Entertainment League Part IV

Fred OliverContributor IJuly 13, 2009

404521 18: Pro-wrestelr Randy 'Macho Man' Savage arrives at the premiere of the film 'Spider-Man' April 29, 2002 in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images)

For those of you who are new to my mini-series, here are the past articles are for you,so you can read this mini series from the beginning. Please take a look back to where we are now in this Fantasy Wrestling League that I have created to supplant the WWE. I have also provided an opportunity for you all to vote as to who is the most creative: the WWE Crack Pot writers or Me! I would appreciate it if everyone checking out this and my other articles cast a vote.



You will all love this next wrestling group. The leader here is none other than the man that is the epitome of macho: Macho Man Randy Savage.

Macho Man Randy Savage my personal favorite wrestler and to me of all time. He is the head of this group of 14 wrestlers, who are all keen on top-rope maneuvers. These wrestlers in his stable are athletic, strong, powerful, but most of all have crazy air-time. They can really fly and inflict damage on their opponents. Of course, the biggest weakness they would have is wrestling on the mat of the squared circle.

Now, the kicker here is the women. In the past you are used to seeing Ms. Elizabeth types on his shoulder. Not here in AXEL. The ladies in his stable are, all eight of them, built like Serena Williams: big, beautiful, bodacious bodies with strong sensuous outfits. They are of various heights and no one weighs under 140lbs, so these babes are thick.

Of the six male wrestlers in the stable, Orion is being heavily recruited to be one of Macho Man Randy Savage's understudies. Do understand that Macho Man is only Manager. He will not be like Ric Flabby Flair and still wrestling. Nope, not happening in AXEL.



Lastly, comes team Paradox. This is a very unusual team of wrestlers and they are the fans' favorites because each week this team causes havoc. They interfere with matches for what seems like no reason but to meddle.  hey suddenly gang up and destroy wrestlers in the squared circle. They will make challenges to title belt holders at a whim. They will mess around with the refs and audience.

These guys, or gals...or could they be both? No one knows because they wear full costume from head to toe to keep their identities a secret. Why? It is believed that some of the wrestlers on Paradox are from the other wrestling stables, and when they feel they have been screwed or over-looked they jump ship. Maybe wrestlers who are suspended or supposedly "injured" they don the mask of an alter ego get in the ring and basically turn things up-side down.

Just imagine a match where one of the guys from the Gridiron Gang is in a title match with a wrestler from Paradox. The Gridiron Gang wrestler loses the title and to the top rope the challenger from Paradox climbs, holds the belt up, and with the free hand removes the mask and the long blond hair falls down past the shoulders to reveal Misstee as the new Light Middle-Weight Champion? Yeah, that is right, a Woman can wrestle a man and win. Now does she have to defend that belt? After all, she won it and embarrassed a Gridiron Gang Wrestler? How will the Coach react to one of his own losing to a Woman! Go back and check on my earlier blog No.2 to see who Misstee is and Da Coach are.

So the above paragraph illustrates the problems Paradox stable can cause, and any wrestler can don a costume at any time. Fans will win prizes when wrestlers are unmasked and revealed through in stadium ballots, online, or live text sweepstakes.  That makes it more fun for Fans and gives them a chance to maybe influence writers in when, where, and how wrestlers will be revealed when their mysterious alter ego has kinda run its course. This keeps things fresh and lively.

Part two on Paradox: There are five wrestlers that are pretty much common and appear all of the time on AXEL. One of these wrestlers is secretly Orion's missing father! Sorry, I can't say more on this part because I want someone to pay me to be a writer so we can get this going.

Unlike the other programs: TNA, WWE, and countless others, wrestling will take place one day a week, on Saturday. Two reality shows will appear on Sunday and Wednesday, where we follow the wrestlers behind the scenes with made-for-TV families and lives to help drive the story lines.

There will be access to meetings, trainings, doctor visits, charity events, talk show appearances, and so on. This reduces injuries to the wrestlers and give them time to practice and again sell the story lines for the upcoming events to take place on Saturday. You might see the Paradox crew busting up some contract signings in the oval office, or beating up a wrestler getting treatment in the training room. Trust me. With my imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Hope you all have enjoyed.  Please remember to cast your vote.