Adult Xtreme Entertainment League (AXEL) Part II

Fred OliverContributor IJune 9, 2009

TWINSBURG, OH - AUGUST 3:  Twins Kori and Courtney Pannecook of Shelby Township, Michigan, sport patriotic clothes as they prepare to take part in the Double Take Parade August 3, 2002 at the Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio.  (Photo by Mike Simons/Getty Images)

I am giving this away for almost FREE.  Vince, Shane if you are reading this all I want is tickets to all of the events for this idea.  Plus a backstage pass to the women's locker room where I can hand out the toiletries as the ladies enter and leave the shower.

OK now to my idea.  I loved the old WWF vs. WCW feud.  I loved the Sex, Jealousy, and intent to hurt on the borderline murder story lines.  I know I am not alone looking at a lot of the comments from fans blogging here.

I think right now, with what is going on with our economy, people are desperate for an outlet, to escape from just the "drag me down holding me back" DEPRESSION our Country is in right now.

Vince McMahon or Ted Turner need to understand that right now is the perfect time for a Wrestling league to capture the hearts and minds of fans and casual fans.  The Adult Xtreme Entertainment League (AXEL).  This would be a league that would be aired late night 12PM on a Friday Night for two hours a true escape from the boring wrestling that we currently have. 

Love triangles, gay or straight, managers stealing talent from other Managers by any means necessary, young and old talent competing for open slots on managers teams hoping that a certain Manager could lead them to championships and lucrative endorsement deals.  Feuds between rival groups.  Ownership that takes a proactive approach in being fair and down the middle as ownership is in constant battle with managers and talent. Bloody Cage Matches (bring back the razor blades let the cutting begin). 

No gimmick wrestling ladders and tables stacked a mile high.  No wrestling through out the arena.  Great entrances and in ring interviews. This is what Adults who were watching, whether it was 60's 70's or 80's, want to see. Keep the content grown up and let it all out.

A lot of you will write and disagree with me on the content of wrestling through out all the different eras but, all I described above—in some form—EXISTED in the 60's. The content was not as controversial and open as now, but it was there and I think the WWE and Smack-Down are choosing to be parent friendly and we all know the best these shows had to offer was when Stone Cold and The Rock were dropping F-Bombs all over the place and doing some degrading things to Mr. McMahon and his family.

I think the birth of AXEL would be just what people need to escape the every day.

What do you think?  I look forward to every ones response.  As I will do my best to next week expound in a part two introduction of managers and ownership.

Here we are with Part II of the introduction of the AXEL crew.  I want to start off with the family that will be owning this production.  Will give you all a brief description and set up each charter Story line.  Again hopefully the McMahon's or Ted Turner get the urge to take this whole concept off my hands and give us ADULT Wrestling Fans what we want.


Name: Desiree Willsmith ( CEO & Owner of AXEL)

Country of Origin: Australia

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 160

Body Type: Linda Carter in her PRIME (Wonder Woman)

Attitude: Naomi Campbell

Down the middle fair minded leader. When confronted with nonsense, or situations that are totally ridiculous she lets the DIVA ANGER (Naomi Campbell) unleash on that individual or exhasterbates the situation to a climatique conclusion.

Makes quick spur of the moment rash decision based on facts at that time. Mother of 3 a 18 year old boy, 25 year old Twin Girls.

WillSmith is her married name.  Her husband left her after she was found in the mens locker room with a wrestler by one of the Leagues Wrestling Managers.  Husband disappeared and never heard from again.


Name: Blaize & Misstee

( Twins and heirs to the AXEL & Willsmith Fortune)

Country or Origin: United States

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 130

Body Type: Serena Williams (Athletic Build & BIG ASS)

Attitude: Blaze = (Morgan Fairchild) Misstee = (Wendy Williams)

We have a serious problem here.  Two Bodacious young women who are single and heirs to a fortune working with their Mother. 

Blaze is a calculating, always looking to get the upper hand and get over without getting caught bad girl.  She is the innocent looking but ooooooh so bad and evil twin.  Loves her Sister and Brother but could care less about her Mother and would like to get her Mother to move on and leave the business to the children to run.

Misstee is the gossiper, the instigator, the TROUBLE maker.  She can ignite small fires into raging infernos with giving false information or getting wrestlers male or female hot and bothered enough to carry out Blazes plans.  Sometimes Misstee likes to cause trouble for the different fueding Wrestling teams for her own amusement. 

Little Brother she looks out for and protects as she basically raised him after Father left.  Misstee is looking for her Father as well as she wants him back with the family.


Name: Orion Willsmith ( College Freshman, Practicing Wrestler, Vice President of Board of Directors of Axel at 21 years of age)

Country of Origin: United States

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 265

Body Type: Lex Luger (Totally Cut no Steroids)

Attitude: Wolverine & the HULK

Mad at the freaking WORLD.  Get out of his way.  Despises his Mother so much that she REMOVED him from inheriting the AXEL & Willsmith Fortune, until he gives up his misguided quest that he can become a wrestler and defeat  the AXEL Undisputed Champion.  The same man he found out had the affair with his Mother causing his Father to leave when he was 12 years old.

Orion has trained very hard since 13 years of age.  Creating a powerful, strong, agile and quick body.  He has studied the wrestling styles of all the greats to incorporate them into his own unique format.  His greatest hold to date is the Panther Clutch, a sleeper hold as well as very violent and damaging hold to the neck and vertabre at base of neck that can cause victem to lose feeling below the neck for several weeks or months.

Orion loves and protects his Sisters from the grouping hands of Wrestlers as much as he can.  Now that he is legally 18 he can do more than talk and threaten as he now wants to wrestle.

He awaits till he is 21 to have a seat on the Board of Directors a provison that his Father left him legally that his Mother can't take away.  It is then he hopes with the help of his Sisters he can garner enough votes from the Shareholders to OUST his Mother once and for all.




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